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Overview of the January 2015 Issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet

The latest issue of PCG's The Philadelphia Trumpet (January 2015) is now available. Let us see what PCG's leaders have to say here.

The cover was made by Dmitri Jackson.

This issue has a circulation of 314,408, which is the second lowest circulation figure for The Philadelphia Trumpet since March 2011. Only the last issue (November-December 2014) had a slightly lower circulation figure (313,286). The Philadelphia Trumpet is still quite low compared with the last three years.

Gerald Flurry has an editorial fear mongering that President Obama will be a lame duck President and that this will only lead to more problems and crises for America.

Jeremiah Jacques has an article fear mongering about Russia and China's friendly relations with each other. Even calling them an "axis". Considering that both Russia and China were on our side during World War II that seems quite historically insensitive.

Dennis Leap has an article insisting that corporal punishment of children is perfectly fine and must be done by parents.

Robert Morley has an article fear mongering that the US is just about to collapse financially because of its national debt. If the national debt was going to collapse the US it would have happened in 2008.

Joel Hilliker has an article discussing the current spate of violence within the State of Israel which has occurred as a tragic continuance of the recent deadly conflict in the Gaza Strip. Hilliker fear mongers that the State of Israel will soon ally with a German dominated European Union only to be betrayed by the Europeans.

Jeremiah Jacques has an article encouraging people how to deal with turbulent emotions and crises by staying calm and reminding oneself that eventually the problem will pass.

Anthony Chibarirwe has an article discussing the war in Afghanistan bemoaning recent troop withdrawals as a sign America is falling apart.

Karl Lorenz has a side article saying the Arab world has been falling apart since the Arab Spring arose in 2011. I was quite saddened to see Lorenz moaning that Libya has reduced oil production since 2011.
In 2011, the U.S. led an air campaign supporting the “Arab Spring,” ousting Qadhafi from power. The result was catastrophic. Oil production was halved to 810,000 barrels per day. Since 2011, 32,000 people have been killed. The nation is locked in war. (Karl Lorenz, p. 18.)
To moan about oil while people were and are dying in Libya (he even mentions the oil first) strikes me as dreadfully immoral and representative of an attitude that devalues human life.

Richard Palmer has an article fear mongering that Germany is plotting to replace America and fill in the supported power vacuum America is supposedly allowed to occur.

Herbert Armstrong is included with an article boasting that he knows the nature of God. It is an excerpt from his book, Mystery of the Ages, which has been shown to be deeply flawed and in error about many things as may be seen in this critical review of Mystery of the Ages by Herbert Armstrong.

An article insisting that world peace will soon occur once Christ returns is included. It advertizes PCG's so called "Bible Correspondence Course". It promises to enlighten readers about the Bible but it is actually made to indoctrinate people into accepting PCG's dogmas and joining PCG.

Worldwatch has little article about Britain supposedly getting ready to leave the European Union. Another side article insist the US dollar is about to be rejected by the nations of the world. Another side article states that persecuted Christians are appealing to the Pope for help. PCG cites this to insinuate the Pope is conspiring to assume great power. Another side article fear mongers about Hamas and portrays them as very powerful. Another side article moans about Iran trying to advance its interests while fighting Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys. Imagine that, a state trying to get something for doing something else.

Societywatch has a little article moaning that immigrants transform society with their (non-English) languages. Another side article condemns how more Americans are declining to get married. Another side article complaining about a for profit Chapel getting in legal trouble for refusing to perform a ceremony for a homosexual couple in yet the latest attempt by PCG's writers to induce an exaggerated sense of alienation among their readers from mainstream society. PCG and the other COGs use fear and hatred of homosexuals to cause members to ignore the problems among themselves.

Stephen Flurry has a short article extolling the pleasure of reading a book and taking time to thoroughly understand it.

Joel Hilliker has a short article saying the recent Republican victory in the mid-term elections will not save America from the coming catastrophe Armstrongism has constantly insisted will occur soon since the 1930s.
They [US senators and congresspersons] don’t understand the spirit they are dealing with and what it all means. Only our booklet America Under Attack explains. (Request your free copy.)
Reading that one would not know that there are hundreds of other COG groups most of which, like PCG, believe America will soon face catastrophe and national destruction at the hands of blood thirsty Germans.

There are some letters but nothing I feel worthy of mentioning here.

And so we see once again how PCG's leaders have produced a magazine issue in order to persuade people to pay three tithes and extra offerings to PCG. That is how PCG was able to get an income of $19.5 million in 2012.

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  1. PCG and the other COGs use fear and hatred of homosexuals to cause members to ignore the problems among themselves.

    Like rampant alcoholism -- PCG: The Cult of Boozers.