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PCG Only Supported Milošević in 1999

To anyone who bothers to notice it has long been plainly seen that the leaders of PCG support Milošević and present him and the Serbs as victims of sinister aggression at the hands of sinister Germans. While many were horrified at the various atrocities committed by forces loyal to Milošević PCG says that the Serbs are the victims of a covert plot by the Germans.

Philadelphia Trumpet, June 2002

However PCG only decided to adopt this hard stance in support of Milošević in 1999. There are three pieces of evidence that strongly suggest that PCG's leaders did not decide to show sympathy to Milošević and his followers until 1999.
  • Ron Fraser's 1998 article ("Crisis Point of Western Leadership", September 1998, Philadelphia Trumpet) did not take sides in regards to the Kosovo War between Belgrade and the KLA. If anything he seemed to view Milošević as an enemy of America. But that soon changed. (This may be seen in a previous post.)
  • Gerald Flurry's booklet about the Yugoslav Wars (Germany's Conquest of the Balkans) was only made in 1999. The first two chapters  are adaptations of articles published in The Philadelphia Trumpet in 1999. That is when the change in stance happened. (As may be seen in these previous posts: Part 1 and Part 2.)
  • An episode of The Trumpet Daily ("Germany's Conquest of Europe", February 9, 2014), hosted by Stephen Flurry, cited a Key of David episode from 1999 in order to boast of PCG's pro-Milošević stance. (As may be seen in this previous post.)

Ron Fraser's 1998 Article

This article was written during the early stages of the Kosovo War fought between the Belgrade government and the Kosovo Liberation Army, an armed organization that was waging a guerrilla war seeking to create an independent Kosovo.

However PCG's leaders did not yet adopt their stance in support of the Milošević regime. So when Ron Fraser wrote about this war in the September 1998 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet he did not take Milošević's side. If anything he seemed to view him as an enemy of America.
The American President had promised that his government would not permit a repetition of the Bosnian tragedy. Meanwhile, the British Prime minister declared, “This is Milosevic’s final warning”; Robin Cook, foreign minister for Britain, warned Milosevic that he should take the threats of retribution from the West most seriously. The UN warned Milosevic; Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State, repeated President Clinton’s warning; NATO rattled its sabers in pitiful war games in Albania; and world leaders and shuttle diplomats talk in huddled meetings of air strikes.

Talk, talk, talk—threats, but no action! The Serbian leader has the world’s greatest powers checkmated!
Very often PCG's leaders write of an opponent of America and exclaim that America is unable to deal with them thus (supposedly) proving that America is on the verge of collapse. Fraser talks of Milošević in that way here.

Gerald Flurry's 1999 Booklet

In 1999 PCG published a booklet entitled The Rising Beast. (In 2011 it was renamed Germany's Conquest of the Balkans.) This booklet contained the two articles that announced PCG's decision to view Milošević as the victim of sinister, covert German aggression.

Chapter 1 is largely based on Gerald Flurry's article, "Croatia Reveals the Rising Beast!", from the January 1999 Philadelphia Trumpet. This article introduced Flurry's contention that Germany's recognition of Croatia as an independent state in December 1991 started the Yugoslav Wars. This 'fact' has been endlessly proclaimed by PCG's leaders ever since.

But in fact the Yugoslav Wars had already been unleashed months before this diplomatic act.

The war had already ended in Slovenia (June-July 1991) with the result that Belgrade withdrew Federal troops in October 1991. Slovenia was already de facto independent by December 1991. Also the fighting had been raging for months in Croatia by December 1991. The Belgrade government had already seized Vukovar from Croatia after a three month siege which killed about 3000 people (August 25-November 18, 1991). All this occurred before December 1991.

Furthermore soon after the act of diplomatic recognition Croatia and Belgrade made a ceasefire in January 1992 that lasted for a year before conflict resumed between Croatia and Belgrade. However in the meantime the world's attention soon turned to the horrors of what happened in Bosnia.

Chapter 2 of the booklet is largely based on Gerald Flurry's article, The Unseen Danger in Kosovo, from the May 1999 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet. This article introduced Flurry's contention that the Kosovo Liberation Army was a puppet of the Germans used as part of a sinister plot to subdue Yugoslavia. Despite the problems with this assertion, (such as the fact that one news article reported that a spokesman for the KLA mentioned that "the KLA included in its ranks volunteers from Sweden, Belgium, the UK, Germany and the US") PCG has continued to repeat this inflammatory assertion ever since.

PCG has often repeated this accusation ever since, exploiting the pain and suffering of the Kosovo War simply to demonize Germany and persuade their followers that Germany will soon arise as a military superpower that will destroy America and Britain.

Stephen Flurry's 2014 Trumpet Daily Broadcast

This episode of The Trumpet Daily, hosted by Stephen Flurry, has already been mentioned in a previous post. In that post I wrote the following:
Boasts that, while hardly anyone talked about what was really happening, Gerald Flurry did so in 1999. From this point the program cites several articles and a telecast by PCG since 1999 supposedly "exposing" Germany's malevolent plan against the Serbs.

It even shows a 1999 broadcast of The Key of David entitled "Serbs' Greatest Fear", in which Gerald Flurry states that Germany was the hidden mastermind behind NATO intervention over the Kosovo War. (18:50-19:25)
The fact that PCG only appeals to writings dating back to 1999 in this program indicates that this position of portraying NATO intervention as helping Germany was only taken up by PCG's leaders in 1999. On the other hand Gerald Flurry's booklet on this matter, Germany's Conquest of the Balkans (formerly entitled The Rising Beast), quotes earlier news articles. At present, because there is little information regarding what PCG said about Yugoslavia in its early years, it is hard to discern what PCG said about Yugoslavia in those early days.  

Because of these three things it I am persuaded that it can be confidently stated that PCG's leaders decided to support Milošević and portray him as a victim of German aggression from 1999 onwards.

It is very unfortunate that PCG's leaders have decided to exploit the pain and suffering caused by the Yugoslav Wars to demonize Germany, even claiming Germany sparked the Yugoslav Wars in December 1991 when fighting had begun long before then.


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