Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fifth Woman Speaks Out About Roy Moore

Now a fifth woman, Beverly Young Nelson, has spoken about Roy Moore's behavior and says that he sexually assaulted her. Her account is absolutely chilling.

It is so terrible that so many people are victimized in crimes like this. May all those who are guilty of such crimes, no matter how powerful such individuals may happen to be, be brought to justice before the courts of law. 

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  1. Moore is done!

    I guess from now on any more postings that could be interpreted as support for Moore can only originate from "Russian bots."

    Young women should be raised in a manner that empowers them. Lots of sports. A little Krav Maga. Courses on Social Media and aspects of interacting with men.

    Then of course many things will still go wrong due to peoples psychological make up in different age groups and general blurring of social norms on interaction.

    Every girl of about 10 years old should not be able to pass state exams if not able to crack a little plank with her bare hands with her weight and karate skills.

    From the smile of being able to accomplish that, they can build on further confidence and character. Away with beauty pageants.

    As the Romans (Tacitus) noted with great curiousity in contrast to their own culture, "the women of the Germanic tribes would engage in battle and cheer their husbands in support. In the household they are much respected and the men value their advice."

    (Silly pagans.)