Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mark Armstrong on Australian Referendum, Immigration and Climate Change

ICG's Mark Armstrong has released another weekly update of his (November 17, 2017). This time he grouses about the 7,817,247 Australians who voted to legalize same sex marriages.

But before talking about Australia he chooses to rubbish the Supreme Court of his own nation.
No referendum, “plebiscite,” or any other barometer of American opinion was ever undertaken in the United States. Only suspicious “polls” by think tanks and news organizations pushed the idea that Americans were clamoring for so-called “marriage equality.” A ruling by the Supreme Court decided that states' bans on legal recognition was unconstitutional, in essence a discrimination against the rights of some. And presto, as of June 26, 2015 it was suddenly, as the exuberant prime time sputterers loved to intone, the “Law of the Land.”
Even though the Supreme Court is legally empowered to make rulings on legal cases Mark Armstrong condemns the ruling.
The Supreme Court had spoken, and that was that. The entirety of civilized world history was overthrown by a contorted argument about “equality” and “discrimination.” This helped buttress the notion that only a discriminatory bigot (or hater) could now oppose what had been enshrined as the “Law of the Land” by the Supreme Court. Mind you, the ruling was a 5-4 split on a Court whose narrow majority chose to disregard religious beliefs as a valid excuse for anyone to opt out of participation in ceremonies or wedding parties, particularly bakers, photographers or clergymen. The fact that the Bible condemns every aspect of homosexual practice, and Christian believers might not want to participate apparently didn't matter at all.
Then he gets to the point: He is annoyed at the recent referendum in Australia.
Western Europe has embraced the practice across the board, while East European nations still refuse to recognize the practice. Australia was one of the last holdouts in all of western civilization, until this week. We'll probably need the insight of our Australian colleague to explain the intricacies of the “vote by mail” referendum that just transpired down under, but the homosexuals are dancing in the streets to celebrate what's been called an “emphatic” and “overwhelming” support for the legalization of so-called “gay” marriage. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull triumphantly says that Australia will not countenance discrimination against “same sex weddings,” and promises legal action “before Christmas.” 
Seeking to distress his readers at these events he insists that these acts are slights against (the COGs') God.
That's it. The whole of the Western world has declared God wrong, and in great righteous compassion signed on with an abomination on the basis of “modern” opinion. 
He then insists to his readers that the law may yet be overturned in the United States.
Mind you, this “Law of the Land” might not stand the test of time here in the U. S. In case you haven't noticed, there is a fledgling conservative movement beyond the seething population centers of New York and Los Angeles that managed to elect a president that's just way out of step with their mainstream dogma. He's made one conservative appointment to the Supreme Court, and with any luck may get to make another one or two. Cases regarding Religious Liberty are pending, and may be adjudicated by a slightly different, hopefully significantly different set of Justices.
He talks of the "seething population centers of New York and Los Angeles." Who writes like this? With this strange and bitter turn of phrase we see his loathing of those he thinks disagrees with him.

He then complains about the various allegations of sexual harassment that have been made recently following the allegations regarding Harvey Weinstein. He alludes to the allegations against Roy Moore.
In case you haven't noticed, there are a deluge of nasty accusations thrilling breathless opinion panels on national news. The internet has also exploded with stories and photographs and suspicious yearbook inscriptions. Apparently, there is an insatiable appetite for all manner of “sexual misbehavior,” all in the light of the new, NEW morality that is changing under your feet. Some of the things that have been done and said by important people are more than the public should have to stomach. But, ready or not, here it comes.
He then complains that people on news shows should dare complain about what President Trump has done or comment about accusations concerning him.
The refrain on CNN? It's all Trump's fault. He's compromised too, and he's showing no “moral leadership!” That's priceless! When you've got these openly “gay” news-people, flaunting their unmistakable mannerisms, self-righteously condemning the president for a lack of “moral leadership.” Homosexuals are now the arbiters of morality! They're outraged that the Pentagon might not continue paying for “sex re-assignment surgery,” as if there were any such thing. They're shocked that “trans” wannabes might not be recruited for military duty. It is all the more reason to push “Russian Collusion” and cheer-lead for Trump to be impeached. 
But he insists that media are presenting misinformation.
But the media has destroyed its own credibility to the point that we know beyond doubt that we cannot believe something just because they report it. How wrong have they been, about nearly everything? They've put out false information, false analysis, faulty polls, and intricately bizarre theories for a full year, but they are flabbergasted when they learn that a large segment of the American public doesn't believe them anymore. Then they have to analyze what's wrong with these people who won't immediately act on the information they've put out and get with the program. It must be some ignorant Bible thumpers who are cut off from modern society! Yeah, that's what it is!
He once again scare mongers about the current Syrian refugee crisis accusing immigrants of increasing violent crime even though immigrants tend to have low crime rates.
Maybe you've heard the term “U. S. centric.” It implies that we Americans are so immersed in our own national concerns that we have little regard, or understanding of what's going on elsewhere in the world. And it's undoubtedly true for the majority. Most have absolutely no idea what's actually going on in Europe. Because Angela Merkel of Germany, the leaders of the EU and the pope himself are the ones demanding that Middle Eastern natives be accepted and financially supported, they are covering up the truth of what is transpiring in every Western European nation. Believe it or not, the knife has become the weapon of choice for Muslims all across Europe. Stabbings have increased 1200% in the past ten years in some of these nations, but aren't widely reported and the nationality of perpetrators is concealed when they are. Car bombings are routine.
He says "car bombings are routine" but he is quite vague about that claim. If he is talking about events in Europe then he is simply wrong.

He scare mongers that the European Union is about to become a military power.
The EU is moving ahead with something called PESCO, which stands for Permanent Structured Cooperation. It envisions bringing all the military assets of member nations under central control of the EU, which it claims as being in the interests of defense. Twenty-three nations have already signed up, and a formal “launch” is expected next month. The aim is to give the EU a measure of independence, particularly in the wake of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Oh, and they claim it will be “good for NATO.” 
He then talks of attempts to make European Union nations as more environmentally friendly and again complains about immigrants.
We'll see if there's anything “permanent” about the EU in due time. Europe looks to be heavily invested in its own destruction. There are unruly “green” factions that have doubled the price of energy in recent years and are committed to replacing all traditional energy production with solar panels and windmills in a matter of years. There are also demands for more immigrant rights, meaning that another one to two million Syrians may be taking up residence in 2018. They've made it a hate crime for anyone to say anything negative about the immigrant population, especially if it's obvious and true.
And to end his narrative he condemns Pope Francis for speaking about the problem of climate change.
And to top it all off, the pope has doubled down on man-made global warming, saying it is “perverse” to doubt the “science” on which “global warming” is based. Wow! Gay orgies at the Vatican aren't perverse, but don't get caught doubting the “science” no matter how bogus it might be proven to be. It's impossible to know the details of how this all plays out, but certainly Europe and the pope are pushing every socialist ideal into practice, and few there be that stand against the accumulating wave of thought control.  
And so we see Mark Armstrong ends yet another one of his misanthropic screeds. And yet the members of his organization will simply accept these strange weekly updates from Mark Armstrong.


  1. When I read the rants of this angry young man I wonder if his views are for the edification of the ICG membership. I can't imagine Mark's expectations if the weekly updates are also intended as recruitment material.
    Climate change again! When the Pope jumped in to support environmental accountability, it obviated Mark's need to find support from the 3% of scientists who are skeptical.
    For a short time Bob Thiel partially agreed with climate change influencing specific weather events, as long as he was the arbitrator between natural events and punishments. But after COP21, and the Pope's involvement, Bob joined the ranks of the 3%.

  2. Mark is following a familiar pattern, that of becoming virtually crazy in his rhetoric as the continually failing Armstrong prophecy mold refuses to kick in. Like all ACOG members, he wants, indeed needs, all of the things said by his father and grandfather to come to pass in order for his life decisions to be validated.

    Armstrongism has partially stayed alive because at any given time there have been one or two trends that appear to track with that cult's version of the end times. It's difficult to understand how or why any of them would fail to associate global climate change with the book of Revelation as seems to be the case with every social change, every whisper from Europe or the pope. A few years ago, they were ignoring all of the international trends involving the "sons of Ishmael", whom they now seem to embrace as fomenting a resurgence in Catholicism in the post-Christian era of Europe.

    Mark and the rest of the remnant should be asking themselves why history has passed them by. Why is it that none of them seem to be coming into even the relative prominence that his father enjoyed, let alone the international prominence of the endtime Elijah or the two witnesses? That he is relegated to parrotting the alt.right and not even rising to the point of being widely quoted or even interviewed himself should inform him as to his relevance, but somehow that never seems to sink in. None of the Armstrong "prophets" are receiving even their requisite 15 minutes of fame. Pumping up the volume or increasing the anger level do not appear to be working. Time has passed them by.


  3. I wonder if it ever occurs to Mark that here, decades after the fact, based on this "me too" thing going on, the secular press and entertainment industry has finally sunken to the level of depravity and predatorship of HWA and GTA.