Wednesday, January 31, 2018

PCG's Ron Fraser Called Shimon Peres a "Puppeteer" (2001)

So often PCG's 1% claim to be friends of the Jewish community, particularly Israeli Jews. But they only seem to like certain Israeli Jews. Shimon Peres was not an Israeli politician they favored. Once in early 2001 PCG's Ron Fraser even called Peres a "puppeteer who pulled the strings" within Rabin's government in regards to negotiations with the PLO. Fraser's terminology about Peres is eerily similar to one anti-Semitic epithet, "wire pullers," which was used by the Nazi regime to demonize Jews. 
Close investigation reveals that Peres is the prime link involved in the negotiations with the Vatican and the EU which are now resulting in the EU seeking to take over as the principle mediator and driving force in the “peace process,” marginalizing U.S. efforts. 
Peres’s bona fides were established with Yasser Arafat’s PLO in a dirty deal which allowed the PLO to dictate the outcome of the 1992 Israeli election. ... Arafat took the bait. ... Ever since, Arafat has sought his pound of flesh in terms of the fulfillment of the promises which Peres made to him. It is no secret that Shimon Peres was the puppeteer who pulled the strings of the assassinated Rabin’s government’s negotiations with the Palestinians. His initiatives led to the exchange of letters between Rabin and Arafat in September 1993 which in turn led to the signing of the “Declaration of Principles of Interim Self-Government Arrangements”—termed the Oslo Accord—signed by Rabin and Arafat in Washington that same year. The Oslo Accord became the foundation upon which the past seven years’ efforts to find a peaceful settlement in Palestine have been built. (Ron Fraser, Muscling Into the Mideast, March-April 2001.)
It is one thing to disapprove of a politician's proposal. But any reasonable argument can be advanced without using such vicious rhetoric.

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