Friday, February 2, 2018

Mark Armstrong's Weekly Update of January 19, 2018

Let's take a look at Mark Armstrong's weekly update of January 19, 2018. First he indulges in more crude name calling against the Pope.
Before wrapping the “crises” that we've come to expect on a daily basis, you've got to see this. The socialist, pro-gay, pro-Muslim and abundantly humble pontiff just bestowed the Vatican's highest honor upon an abortion on-demand activist. If you thought the pope was only in control of destiny in the afterlife, and of course the authority to re-organize Purgatory and Heaven at his discretion, you may not have heard of “Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great.” No, I didn't make this up. Apparently, it's the highest “honor” (this side of Heaven) the Vatican can bestow.  The pope saw fit to give it to a Dutch politician, Lillian Plouman, who actually received a medal direct from Rome.
He criticizes Pope Francis' decision to award Lillian Plouman.
She's not only a Dutch politician, she's also the founder of She Decides, an organization that raises money for facilities that provide abortion internationally. In case you hadn't noticed, abortion seemed to be the last moral principal the Vatican could stand on. This pope got busy defending homosexuality early on. There used to be some strict bother about divorce and communion, but with gay orgies among the priests in Vatican City, that probably died a quiet death. This “Francis” guy let the world know he was partial to socialism right off the bat. So, other than traipsing around in scarlet robes, mumbling Latin and waving crosses around, what's left of what the world regards as the seat of Christianity?
Despite his anti-Catholic hostility he seems to think this should have gained more attention. This news is also used to reinforce the organization's ban on abortion.
You'd think there would be an outcry heard 'round the world over this betrayal of the sanctity of life. It was the only “Christian morality” play the Vatican still had in place.But now that's gone, and it's not even close to being big news. So, it might be no surprise that there's nothing in the way of a reaction, when it seems that it would have been a huge deal bringing the pope's very belief in Christianity into question.
At this point Mark Armstrong shifts to his main topic: using the government shutdown to scare monger against undocumented immigrants.
Most have concluded that there will be a “government shutdown” at midnight tonight. It seems that the plight of illegal aliens (aka “dreamers” or DACA) is so important that “non-essential” services will not be funded unless illegals are given amnesty, citizenship and of course the right to bring in multiple family members from whichever third world… ah, paradise they came from.
Undocumented immigrants are unable to vote therefore they are a convenient target for demagogues since they cannot vote against politicians who speak against them. And even though he likely does not vote Mark Armstrong goes along with this trend.

He then mentions that it was reported that President Trump used a crude word to describe Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. Mark Armstrong suggests it never happened.
The whole “bi-partisan” cooperation thing blew up when Senator Durbin ran to the microphones to report the president used a bad, incendiary, RACIST term to describe the places of origin for the vast majority of U. S. immigrants. Initial assumptions were that the President probably uttered the term he was accused of using, after he realized the proposal he'd been presented was not even close to something he could support. But, given the source of the accusation and the testimony of others who were sitting right there, he may not have even used the term.
He then describes the reaction in the media.
The media went wall to wall with manufactured emotion. Several saw fit to shout angrily, some cried, nearly all agreed that Trump is an evil racist who let his guard down to show his true colors. They spent a week bringing on “experts” to react to something that may have been said in a meeting where, according to witnesses, a lot of colorful language was exchanged. The media broke into a free-for-all of repeating the “bad word,” saying it over and over again gratuitously. One network (you'll never guess) reportedly used it 165 times in just a few days, and may still be uttering it today. Surely that ought to be the end of the Presidency they said could never exist in the first place!
He complains that the media say most Americans want dreamers to have a pathway to citizenship. In response Mark Armstrong insinuates that polls are unreliable.
Now, that “mean, climate-denier, white-supremacist, RACIST, bigot, homophobe” looks ready to stand by and allow the government to be “shut down” rather than “help the dreamers.” Maybe that will do it, they hope. Their polls show that a majority want the “dreamers” given every imaginable benefit, including a “pathway to citizenship.” How dare the President stand against what the media(or university think tank) polls say is the “will of the people?” They apparently haven't noticed how foolish they've looked counting on their polls to make predictions. Every time one is publicized, you have to wonder how the question was worded, and to whom was it asked?
He scare mongers about immigrants. Implies that "we" might be outnumbered or even replaced by immigrants.
It is undeniably apparent that American demographics have been dramatically altered in recent years. Regardless of your sentiments, the transformation has happened, and the proof is everywhere you go. The only remaining question is whether the obvious influx will be the deciding factor in our future leadership and governance. It's already happened in California. Look who steps to the microphones to warn employers and local law enforcement of prosecution if they dare cooperate with immigration agents. Citizens, carrying the financial weight of all the health-care, education and welfare no longer have a voice. They've been outnumbered, or as some say, replaced. Many wealthy and middle-class families are fleeing to other states with lower taxes and fewer illegals.”
What crass demagoguery. It is a shame that Mark Armstrong chooses to be so hostile toward people who quite likely has less than himself. He bad mouths immigrants over and over again.

He scare mongers about those who are not hostile towards immigrants the way he is. Even though Republican legislators control both Congress and the Senate he is inclined to blame the shutdown on Democratic Party legislators.
We're left wondering whether the entire nation goes the way of California, again. Some in positions of national representation refuse to approve a budget unless they get their way. That means amnesty, citizenship, and the ability to bring the whole extended family. Otherwise, they claim the Trump administration will have a major failure on its hands, and non-essential operations will cease at midnight tonight. Who knows, somebody might blink, and we could face this “crisis” again a month from now. But it probably won't be President Trump, who'd betray the central theme of his campaign and presidency if he did.
He then complains about criticisms directed at President Trump.
Just to review, two weeks ago the world trembled on the precipice of nuclear war from “reckless tweets,” and the media was very afraid. Then they realized that he couldn't think straight, didn't recognize aides and babbled senselessly off-point. It was dementia, maybe early Alzheimer’s! Then he showed what a rotten RACIST he was by insulting whole countries and continents. All the while, they've known that he was guilty of COLLUSION with “the Russians,” not to mention abuse of power and obstruction of justice, and the special council would breach his “inner circle” at any moment.
Weary of criticism of his preferred president he fantasizes that some sort of day of reckoning awaits for those in the media who should dare to bad mouth his preferred president.
The mainstream outlets are pretending they know nothing of the bomb that's about to blow their life's work to smithereens. The question now is, how much crow can they stomach? It's impossible to know how the mainstream news outlets and social media giants will try to spin what's about to hit them. They pretend they, the arbiters of all public information, still don't know what we've known for ages, but the pretense continues. There are probably heated back room strategy sessions as to how in the world they're going to handle the TRUTH should it rear its ugly head. They'll have to act like they had no idea. It will have to be the biggest, most unwelcome surprise ever, and they'll be forced to apologize endlessly or simply exit the studios. It's hard to imagine how that will go.
Those in media who opposed Trump will be punished he exclaims. The president will not even have to do anything, Mark Armstrong assures his readers.
Networks may collapse. ... Flight to nations without extradition is a possibility for some involved. Reputations if not lives will be destroyed. And President Trump will have had nothing to do with it. The FAKE NEWS, FAKE INVESTIGATION, phony law enforcement bosses are going to be exposed for all to see, perhaps between now and next week's Update. They (we'll have to wait to find who all) conspired to prevent Trump's election, and kept the “insurance policy” in force to find something, anything, for which he could be impeached.
The (alleged) grand conspiracy against his preferred president corrupted the FBI, he assures his readers.
They destroyed the credibility and reputation of the most formidable, powerful law enforcement agencies on earth and used them like “secret police agencies” to spy, wiretap, and we'll see what else, to bamboozle the public and jerk the presidency around.
He indulges in some speculation that the (alleged) grand conspiracy is somehow worse than his audience suspects. While on this train of thought he complains that the media call Trump's "supporters a bunch of idiots." In other words this is implying that the media view people like Mark Armstrong's audience in this derogatory way. This is one way Mark Armstrong tries to maintain the loyalty of his followers: implying that remaining within this organization is a way to prove oneself as being in the right compared with the media.
Those who've seen the (still classified) evidence of the real “collusion plot” to prevent Trump's election, then to cripple his administration with dark suspicion and speculation,say we don't know the half of it. It's more extensive than we could have imagined.They're saying we'll be blown away when the evidence goes public. If we'll be blown away, imagine the poor, poor anchors and experts who'll have to face the cameras after a year and a half of calling Trump a criminal and his supporters a bunch of idiots. What will happen to the squints, the sneers, the pouts, the mocking laughter, the haughty glances?
He muses that this day of reckoning for those who dare to criticize his preferred president is a miracle from his (Armstrongite) God. An answer to the prayers of himself and his followers.
Is it possible that millions of prayers have been heard, and this is the reply? Or are the principles that God put in motion simply working relentlessly in the background to save, or at least prolong the blessings that we'd taken for granted for too long? It seems like the Proverbs have come to life, to the benefit of the innocent and great dismay of the wicked! If you find that explanation to dramatic, stay tuned. And have a very happy and thankful Sabbath! 
And his weekly update ends. Once again Mark Armstrong reinforced his views upon his followers.


  1. Why doesn't he run for office and change the system?

  2. It would be quite amusing to him placed under media scrutiny if he ever decided to run for public office.