Monday, February 5, 2018

PCG's Ron Fraser Predicting American Decline by 2011

Here is yet another pathetic prediction from a member of PCG's 1%. This dire prediction was made in 2001 and predicted that the United States of America would soon fall apart in less than ten years. By 2011 in other words.
The United States may well go down in history as the shortest-lived of the singular superpowers which have strutted this world’s stage since Babylon, the world’s first great empire. 
The U.S., which last January [2001] tipped over the edge and commenced its descent from a political economy of singular greatness, is destined to slide into second-rate power status. This process will not take a century. In all probability it will not even take a decade. (Ron Fraser, At The Crossroads, The Philadelphia Trumpet, May 2001.)
And still thousands of people continue to trust in an organization that makes such spectacularly failed prophecies. Since PCG's founding in 1989 its leaders have made at least 52 failed predictions. This is yet another.

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  1. Being committed to the Armstrong prophecy mold means that the members’ chains get severely yanked any time news events seem to resemble their prophecies. I bet, as an example, that Friday and Monday’s stock market reports had the membership thinking “Ah. Here we go!”

    As a member of WCG with two small children back in the 1970s, you can only imagine the ulcers the daily news was giving me right up until Jesus made the great correction that most members failed to take seriously in 1975. And obviously, the heirs of the Armstrong empire are still at it, despite the elapse of 40+ additonal years. Most of the people who were “supposed to” go to Petra in 1972 are dead or senile and decrepit, and unlike the example in Moses’ time, the new generation is less qualified or equipped for the place of safety than the generation that died off. There’s a better life, but some people insist on punishing themselves by sticking with what has become abundantly clear is a scam.