Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PCG Blames Fatherlessness and Demons for Florida Mass Shooting

Following the massacre of seventeen innocent people in Florida there is widespread concern about gun control. Many have noticed that the United States endures a particularly high rate of gun violence. But according to PCG's 1% it is not about guns, it is about fatherlessness and demons. 

Here's Andrew Müller blaming fatherlessness instead of critiquing how he could acquire an AR-15 assault rifle legally.
Like so many mass shooters, [the suspect] was a disturbed child from a fatherless home who developed a fascination with violence. ... 
The reason mass shootings have increased so dramatically is because the moral fiber of American families is ripping apart. ...
There is a reason for such horrific violence: America has turned away from God’s laws governing family life and private morality. In the Bible, God warns that such rebellion produces horrific murders and bloody crimes.
Here is PCG implying that demons were responsible for the massacre.
[The suspect] obviously had a disturbing personal life. But what is it that really inspires young men to kill like [the suspect] did? On today’s program, we discuss the reality of the spirit world and the effect it has on the minds of human beings.
In other words PCG's 1% are not at present  interested in talking about how to manage the possession of guns.

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  1. This time, there is discussion on talk radio about several new aspects to this problem. One is that there are concerned citizens who, when they see disturbing videos on social media, they do contact the FBI, and the police. This was done in that case, but the FBI failed to grasp the seriousness. Secondly, in some states, there are laws and programs which allow friends and family to petition government to remove the gun rights of clearly disturbed individuals. Florida does not have such a program.

    One of the unfortunate trends in human behavior is that once something large scale and horrible happens, people tend to repeat it. It becomes a thing. Several years ago, mass violence used to occur at US Postal facilities. The phrase “going postal” was coined and became popular.

    During the Clinton administration, the types of weapons that are used for these incidents were banned. Nearly instantly, when George W. Bush was inaugurated, the ban was rescinded. There are huge numbers of assault weapons in the hands of private citizens today. I personally know several people who own them. The people I know are stable, and some keep their weapons in high tech safes so that they won’t fall into the wrong hands. The problem is that the types of people who are disturbed are often very resourceful, and very determined.

    Armstrongism has a simplistic habit of attributing mental disorders which they don’t understand to demons. That thwarts any real or serious discussion of the problem and its solutions.