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Mark Armstrong on John McCain's Funeral

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, had released another weekly update (August 31, 2018).

In this weekly update Mark Armstrong focuses on John McCain's funeral and once stir up xenophobia against Middle Eastern peoples by citing an incident in Chemnitz, Germany.

He begins by mischaracterizing the mourning for Senator McCain as some sort of "deification" of him.
Greetings from Tyler, 
For a week now we've witnessed the deification of departed Senator John McCain.  The mainstream media has fallen all over themselves in praise and glorification.  Odd, they weren't feeling so magnanimous toward him when he ran for president against Barack Obama.  He certainly wasn't depicted as the saint they've presented upon his death. 
When Senator McCain ran for the there is of necessity much debate and contention about how the nation is to be governed. But when Senator McCain passed away naturally everyone who knew him mourned his passing away. Somehow Mark Armstrong does discuss the difference of the two different situations.

Mark Armstrong then parrots how he says the mainstream media negatively characterized Senator McCain's presidential campaign in 2008.
No, he was the candidate who “surrounded himself with ideological and political extremists.”  He was the warmonger who would commit America to endless war in Iraq and probably attack Iran.  His presidential campaign, in fact his whole career was “riddled with lobbyists and special interests.”  He sided with supporters, “who believe Islam is evil and gays are immoral.”  He would pack the Supreme Court “with extreme conservatives” to see abortion banned.  He had a notoriously volatile temper, and had frightened members of his own party.
Mark Armstrong adores the president. So much so that even though so many were in mourning upon the occasion of Senator McCain's death he condemns him for opposing Mark Armstrong's preferred president.
That was 2008, when Senator McCain was running for president with the lovely and outspoken Sarah Palin, who he later snubbed repeatedly.  But on this week-long occasion of ceremonial speeches he's a saint who was less than perfect.  Certainly everyone must respect his military service, the injuries he sustained and the brutality he suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese.  But where he really earned his stripes in the eyes of the mainstream media was his bitterly “Never-Trump” posture and the recent actions he took in resistance to the Trump administration.  One of his last votes in the Senate was to stop the abolition of Obamacare, when his was the deciding vote.  But he really propelled himself into the stratosphere of sainthood when he dis-invited the President from attendance at his funeral.  Talk about mainstream rehabilitation! 
Mark Armstrong often says that mainstream media outlets are engaged in some sort of "massive conspiracy" to oppose his preferred president. He continues this theme by citing the coverage of Senator McCain's death.
Maybe you've seen the tone of the week-long coverage and some of the headlines, but just in case… From the New York Times, How McCain Got the Last Word Against Trump;, John McCain funeral was 'unmistakable rebuke' to Donald Trump; Business Insider, DC is going all-out for John McCain's funeral, but Trump's not invited;, Trump BANNED in final SNUB; NBC news, McCain doesn't want Trump at funeral; CNN, McCain didn't want Trump...Fox News, Sarah Palin not invited to McCain funeral; The Hill, Trump won't attend McCain's funeral, (and a personal favorite), Trump sits alone sulking as Washington pays respects… 
Mark Armstrong fantasizes about this "massive conspiracy" among the mainstream media outlets will collapse and face retribution.
Having witnessed one of the more rousing rally appearances ever last night (Evansville, IN), Trump wasn't sitting alone, and he was anything but “sulking.” But we've become mighty accustomed to the relentless spin (and worse) from the mainstream media.  It seems all the practice they've put in is actually hurting their effectiveness.  In their desperate campaign to see President Trump charged with a crime or impeached and removed, they've employed the sloppiest of tactics.  They've used anonymous sources by the score, and it seems likely that one day (if not soon) we will learn that their secret sources are often household names.  In some cases, they were the same individuals being used as on-air intelligence experts. 
He continues with his fantasy of the defeat of mainstream media for opposing his preferred president.
CNN really bit one off with the farcical tale of Clinton hack Lanny Davis, now representing the(“Trump fixer”) beleaguered Michael Cohen.  Now they've become the story, and look to be stubbornly clinging to an impossible position.  But hey, it’s CNN, the least trusted name in news.  We can't begin to deal with all the twists and turns of the media-wide mission to “dump Trump.”  Let's just say that everything that looked to be evident last year is being borne out through documentation, revealed communications and testimony.  What will be most entertaining, if and when the time finally comes, will be watching the mainstream admit the hoax they've been salivating over, force-feeding whatever audience remains with their “Russian-collusion” fantasy about the Trump campaign.  Here's hoping we all live long enough to see it happen.
At this point Mark Armstrong changes topics to once again stir up xenophobia about immigrants in Europe. Mark Armstrong often scare mongers about the immigration situation in Europe. He often bring up this issue in a crude and sensationalist manner. This time he mentions tensions in Chemnitz, Germany.
There's been another “incident” in Europe's immigrant disaster.  A couple of Middle Easterners (Syrian and Iraqi) were hassling German girls in the city of Chemnitz in southern Germany recently when three German young men happened along. They intervened to tell the “migrants” to leave the girls alone, and were attacked by the immigrants wielding knives.  Two of the German men were slashed and injured, one was killed having been stabbed to death.  But that's not the story, in fact it was probably never to have been reported at all. 
He makes the inflammatory accusation that the German government is hiding crimes committed by migrants.
The story is that someone leaked the information, including the arrest warrant identifying the “migrants.”  That's just not supposed to happen anywhere in Europe, but particularly not in Germany.  So they've had demonstrations in Chemnitz every day for a week, which has seriously upset Angela Merkel and the European media.  The most grievous crime committed apparently wasn't the murder of a young German man at the hands of Middle Eastern “migrants,” as you'll see if you search the subject.  The real crime was leaking information regarding the circumstances of the murder.  And authorities are all over it.  They've got to find out who was responsible for letting the information out.
Mark Armstrong then indulges in some Islamophobic revisionism by saying that "the Nazi's [sic] were allied with the Muslims during WWII, both having a visceral hatred of Jews." This is a dreadful mischaracterization of the situation in World War II that slurs a major world religion as being somehow allied with Nazism.
According to reports the protesters numbering close to ten thousand people have clogged the streets of Chemnitz every day this week.  They are “Nazis” according to the press, and some have been arrested for having given the “Nazi salute.”  Funny thing is the Nazi's were allied with the Muslims during WWII, both having a visceral hatred of Jews.  That aspect of history is readily available.  Now however, anyone worrying about the immigrant crisis in Europe is automatically labeled a hate filled Nazi.  Sound familiar?
Mark Armstrong ends this weekly update insisting that major changes will soon occur as Armstrongites have constantly insisted since the 1930s.
With the Catholic church mired in a scandal of monumental proportions, now rising to include the pope himself in having supported and hidden out abusive (in the worst sense of the word) priests;Europe in the middle of a Muslim immigration crisis of its own making, and the press trying its level best to manage (withhold) information to the masses, something is going to give.  Bible prophecy indicates that major changes are coming in Europeand to the Middle East, and when they do it will be no secret.  
Armstrongites have been waiting since the 1930s for America to be conquered just before Christ's return and yet that has never happened. HWA was merely a false prophet so making predictions based on his false prophecies are bound to fail.

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  1. Mark thinks the EU will start to build a war machine unlike what the world has ever seen. Enough to take over the USA. Mark is wrong. Yes you will see big changes in the EU. It is going to fail then break apart. It has not been structured correctly. That is why you see Greece and Italy struggle with debt. If one leaves others will follow. Besides, Brussels is a dictatorship. It gets worse everyday over beyond the great pond.