Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Ossetians and Scots Israelites?

Rod King has made an article entitled Who are the Scots? insisting that the Scots and Ossetians have traces of knowledge concerning their Israelite identity.

This only hides the fact that LCG is only teaching British-Israelism, a doctrine that was developed by Richard Brothers in Britain, a man who was sent into a mental asylum.

This article also serves to hide the fact that HWA stole this idea from J. H. Allen. He certainly did not get from the Bible. This appeal to anecdotes do not change the fact that Anglo-Saxons and Celts are not related to the Jews.

We are also not told who made these anecdotes beyond the fact they were made by the "Ossetians", an Icelander taxi driver who identifies Iceland as Benjamin, ignoring the fact that Benjamin are part of the Jews that never got lost.

This article also implies that the Ossetians are Israelites. I have never heard of that idea within the fold of Armstrongism. As far as I know this is an innovation if I am wrong in this matter please tell me so. The Ossetians speak a language related to Persian, and LCG certainly cannot fool themselves that Persians are related to the Jews.

And as for that Declaration of Abroath, even if we assume that that historical account of their origins is true, this would only prove that they came from Scynthia. It is a completely different thing to say that they were Israelites and cannot overturn the genetic evidence against this doctrine.

Also one is struck at how there is no appeal to genetics. If there was genetic proof LCG and all the other Armstrongites would take it up and never let us forget it.

The old, discredited, stale doctrine continues to be taught to new people unaware of this doctrine's severe problems.

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