Monday, May 11, 2009

Fred Dattolo Goes Up High in PCG

In the May-June 2000 issue of Tomorrow's World there was an article on fatherhood written by one Fred Dattolo. I was quite taken in by this article. Too bad I was unaware that this was a mind control cult that used such "interesting" material to make me dependent on them.

He was a member of WCG. He confided to Associated Press about his reasons for leaving WCG for Roderick C. Meredith's Global Church of God (GCG).
That’s why Fred Dattolo, an accountant at Worldwide until last year, chose Global, the church that most strictly follows Armstrong’s old theology. “The way of life, for me personally, my wife, too, brought us so much understanding, peace and fulfillment,” Dattolo says. “The church was able to explain to me the mysteries of life in a way nobody else could.” (Amazing Grace that Saved the Church, Associated Press, June 14, 1997, hosted at Religion News Blog.)
When GCG disintegrated he chose to side with Meredith's faction and joined Living Church of God. His role may be seen in CESNUR's report of the GCG Split. More on the split may be seen in Ambassador Report 71, February 1999.

Later I came across Bob Theil's website and learned that he left LCG and went to Gerald Flurry's PCG. This is how Carl McNair reported on his defection in the June 1, 2001 weekly update.
I am sorry to report that Mr. Fred Dattolo has resigned as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Treasurer of Living Church of God, and decided to join and support the Philadelphia Church of God. Fred concluded his letter of resignation saying, "Therefore, in light of what I have come to believe, I have no other option than to resign from all my positions with Living Church of God. I do this with a heavy heart, knowing that I will miss my co-workers and especially my staff that has made my job such a pleasure. I have enjoyed working with you."
In PCG he seems to have done quite well for himself. He is now a minister for PCG, he has written articles for The Philadelphia Trumpet, has updated the 58 lesson correspondence course (see September 9, 2004 Pastor General's Report, p. 2) .

One member sent him a study critical of PCG's disfellowshipment practices, as LCG apologist Bob Theil reported. This study, Reign of Error, may be read courtesy of PCG Information.

Today he has been entrusted with the donation history of PCG members in Canada. Any requests for such information by PCG ministers in Canada must go through him. "All requests for the donation history of members and [prospective members] in Canada should go to Fred Dattolo only. (PGR, 8/2/08)" See May 9, 2009 letter.

Yes, he seems to have quite well in PCG.

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