Saturday, June 13, 2009

COGs and Their Sermons

Among the COGs the common practice is to post their sermons online for the whole world to hear. You can listen to LCG's sermons as far back as 2005. CGI, Garner Ted Armstrong's original spliter group, provides them as far back as last year. The PCG splinter Church of God's Faithful have sermons online dating back to 2005. COG-EIM has their own. Raymond Cole's sect, Church of God the Eternal has sermons dating back to 1990. ICG hosts many sermons by GTA. UCG has sermons online dating as far back as 2001.

You can listen to Dave "Send Me Your Assets in a" Pack's sermons. His most infamous sermon was Clarion Call which called for member to hand over assets to him and bullied them saying, essentially, if you can't do this than you don't love God. This sermon has been subject to much comment, universally negative. Examples of this reaction may be seen here and here. Despite all this you can still listen to this sermon. He still has it posted online mocking those of us who know that his followers deserve better than being treated like this. He obviously does not feel threatened leaving it online.

Even the Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland posts his sermons online despite bloggers who regularly comment on and criticize what is said in those sermons, such as Mike's Don't Drink the Flavor-Aid, Seeker of Truth's As Bereans Did, Dill Weed's Ronald Weinland The Prophet who Failed and Jack 635's Jack Said. These blogs regularly comment on what is said in ILFPRW's sermons and yet he still posts them online. Although it has been noted that some embarrassing information has been whitewashed from his website as Mike shows.

Yet although all these other Armstrongite false prophets are willing to post their sermons online Gerald Flurry's PCG, quite unusually, is utterly unwilling to do so. Unlike all these other Armstrongite splinters they have not only refused to post their sermons online but since at least 2005 have destroyed sermon CDs once they have been played (see December 12, 2005 Pastor General's Report, pp. 3-5). Although even such paranoid measures have not succeeded as several PCG sermons have been leaked. No wonder so many are concerned by PCG's behavior.

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