Saturday, June 6, 2009

Correct Date Madness

The June 1961 Good News contained an article by Herman Hoeh entitled "The TRUE Reason WHY the Jews Rejected Christ," pp. 7-8, 14-15. This article argues that the real reason many Jews rejected Christ was that they were observing Passover and Pentecost on the wrong dates and therefore many Jews were blinded to the correct meanings of those festivals.

According to Hoeh Passover is to be observed at the beginning of Nisan 14 but the Pharisees were observing it twenty hours too late. Also Pentecost is to be observed fifty days after the Sabbath in the Passover/Days of Unleavened Bread thus it has no fixed date but many Jews were observing it on a fixed date. Furthermore he asserts that the followers of Jesus were observing the correct days and that is why they followed Christ.

So we are supposed to believe that some Jews were blinded about Christ's true nature because they were observing the festivals on the wrong days.

Now this article was written in 1961. At the time HWA and his followers observed Pentecost on a Monday. Herman Hoeh wrote in the 1959 booklet A True History of the True Church, under the heading 'The Apostolic Age' the following: "JESUS FOUNDED HIS CHURCH BY SENDING THE PROMISED HOLY SPIRIT ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST, MONDAY, JUNE 18, 31 A.D. -- a date ABSOLUTELY established by the exact and INSPIRED mathematical and astronomical computations of God's Sacred Calendar."

Of course in 1974 HWA changed Pentecost to Sunday. Some left WCG over this issue. So based on what is written in this article HWA and his followers were just as blind as the Jews Hoeh criticized. HWA and his followers are blind to God's will as they began the Philadelphia era because of observing Pentecost at the wrong time.

This is a contradiction. For this article to make sense then HWA was blind about Pentecost when he ushered in what he insisted was the Philadelphia era. HWA was just as blind as the Jews Hoeh criticized.

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  1. awwwww snap! AWESOME stuff here!

    It astounds me how I ever believed HWA, but in my defense I was ignorant of this kind of thing. People who read what you write and just keep going on as if it doesn't exist, on the other hand, what excuse do they have?

    These facts that you present are real. They are true. They are right there and they are undeniable. Yet people continue to gloss over it. I am of the opinion that they violate the very law they claim to uphold; specifically, the command in DEU. 18: 22 to disregard false prophets.

    For those who say we are bound to the law then I challenge them to be bound by it!! OBEY the law to disregard the demonstrably false prophet Herbert Armstrong, and all of his demonstrably false ministers who twist and hide the past in order to cover up their many falsehoods!!