Thursday, June 25, 2009

PCG and Hurricane Katrina

While I was reading PCG's The Philadelphia Trumpet's issue on Hurricane Katrina I found myself being quite put off by how one of their articles chose to cover this story, namely Joel Hilliker's article Urban Anarchy.

I must warn that some may find this disturbing but I wish to highlight the sort of things that PCG are spreading to their Philadelphia Trumpet subscribers.
The USA had just gone through one of the greatest catastrophes in its history and here PCG chooses to make people even more frightened about what will happen later.

The fulfillment of this terrifying prophecy began on Sept. 11, 2001....It will end when a mind-numbing 100 million American souls have been snuffed out by violence in the cities. Plus 20 million Britons. Plus 11 million Canadians. Plus 7 million Australians....

The New Orleans violence is just a type of what will happen to major cities across the nation. It is a stark prophecy of our future!...

Try to envision it.

Multiply the compounding effects of one disaster in one major metropolis by two, four, six or ten....

The evils of human nature begin to emerge in force. Riots and looting break out in a handful of cities.

And then, within this edgy atmosphere, a crude nuclear bomb is set off in New York or Chicago....Eighteen thousand people are instantly vaporized. Power is out; the sanitation system has been disabled; there is no water; electronic communication from the area dies; information is blacked out; interstates clog with city-dwellers desperate to escape and suffering the first symptoms of radiation sickness....

Pillaging and rioting increase. Buildings burn in the night....

In the midst of the chaos, reports emerge of a spreading sickness. Unsanitary conditions in the city have facilitated an aggressive outbreak of cholera and a particularly deadly influenza virus. People begin dying in dozens, then hundreds....The plague spreads, and with it the crime.

This is only one of a thousand possible scenarios we may soon witness....

There is only one solution to this nightmare: Our people must repent and turn to God. If we fail to do that, the suffering is just beginning.
My word! What a dreary and depressing response to that great catastrophe. Instead of getting people to focus on God, instead of giving people hope PCG scares people. Instead of saying the people are fearful enough they choose to make people even more fearful and scared.

And for what? To follow the discredited prophetic scenarios of a prophet who gave us over 200 false prophecies? Only some of these may be seen here. PCG claims to follow a prophet who predicted Mussolini would be the Antichrist, then Hitler, even after World War II was won he declared that Hitler was still alive, then he proclaimed the coming of a European Empire that would plunge the world into the Great Tribulation starting in 1972 before Christ comes back in 1975.

Clearly HWA is not a reliable source of truth and this fear literature cannot be fulfilled. We have no need to fear the fear inducing preachings of those who follow such a false prophet. HWA made over 200 failed predictions, why should we expect PCG to be right this time?

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  1. With such exact figures of death, it may be that Gerald is in contact with an terrorist organization.

    The other answer is that Gerald is a false prophet and I DO recall what the bible says to do to them.