Thursday, May 15, 2014

PCG's Income in Decline. For 2010: $20.6 Million. In 2012 $19.5 Million

Recently I reported that PCG's income for 2012 was $ 19.5 million, as Gerald Flurry reported in one of his booklets.

Well, there is more to this. I since looked back at my posts and found one post in which I commented on a column by Stephen Flurry in which he boasts that PCG's income for 2010 was $20.6 million.
Our total worldwide income in 2010 amounted to $20.6 million—a solid 5 percent increase over 2009.
The reason Stephen Flurry was boasting of PCG’s income was that he was mocking UCG for "only" taking in $23.9 million that year.
The UCG had about 20,000 people attend its fall festival in September [2010]—roughly four times the amount we had at our sites. Yet its overall income for 2010 was only 16 percent more than the PCG’s—$23.9 million.
So yes. PCG seems to be squeezing a lot out of its members. Certainly much more than UCG. The leaders, like Stephen Flurry, even boast about it.

Also of interest is this post by the unordained, self appointed false prophet Bob Theil from October 2011 which cites a PCG source saying PCG only has 4,700 members. It also states that PCG had 18 feast sites in 2011.

Also recently Exit and Support Network revealed that this year there will only be 12 feast sites. That is down from 18 feast sites in 2011. So PCG has cut out six feast sites since 2011.

The signs are not good for PCG, it appears.

So we now see that from 2010 to 2012 PCG's income has actually been in decline.

PCG's income:

2010: $20.6 million.

2012: $19.5 million.

And with this sort of income PCG's leaders decided to splurge $25 million on Armstrong Auditorium?

What madness.

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