Monday, November 10, 2014

Does PCG Pay $4 Million a Year for Their Ministers?

Exit and Support Network have released a letter (dated November 10) that possibly reveals that PCG ministers, at least some of them, get $65,000 a year. 
After one "holy day" gathering in the PCG my father-in-law ate dinner with minister ... at a high end restaurant. At the end of a nice expensive meal, ... whipped out a PCG ministerial credit card to pay for dinner for his family. All the others there had to save up all year to eat at a place like that. My father-in-law was shocked as he assumed that the ministers all pay for their own food, lodging, and expenses during Sabbaths and holy days like all the "dumb sheep" of the non-Edmond slave class. No, the PCG ministers get it all paid for with the blood, sweat, tears, and paychecks of the lower orders of non-HQ PCG members. He was incensed and very grieved to have found out that day that all PCG ministers have a nice padded expense account via "company credit cards."

I also remember another holy day when the great PCG evangelist ... came to Cincinnati to beg for a large holy day offering. He said he felt "kinda bad" asking young couples with children and frail seniors on Social Security for more money but "God needs your support."

It takes a man of low character to stand behind the pulpit and extort money from people they know are the least able to afford it. As they stand up there, they must have to look into the eyes of young children, infants, and older folk and know that Gerald Flurry is a fraud and it is all about the money. Yes, people like ..., ..., ..., ..., and others will threaten "eternal death" and then take money from the poor sheep and run back to their luxury homes, cars, and $65,000 a year salaries. Oh and now we may add--nice company Visas. --Former PCG member [name withheld]
Now PCG has previously revealed that the Philadelphia Church of God has about 63 ministers. It is possible there may be a few additions after their Feast of Tabernacles.

And we also know from a booklet by Gerald Flurry that in 2012 PCG got an income of $19.5 million. So we have a fair idea of how much money PCG has to pay their expenses.

Now if a PCG minister gets $65,000 a year, and if 63 ministers are paid in this way, then that means PCG pays the following figure for their 63 ministers:


Over four million dollars a year.

That is over a fifth of PCG's annual income.

Now one can assume that the true figure would be higher assuming that more senior ministers are paid a higher salary. Of course this all assumes that the figure cited earlier is correct.

Now, as seen earlier, a recent article from PCG seemed to imply that in 2014 about $2 million was spent on buying airtime for their Key of David telecast.

So that would mean about twice as much money is used for paying ministers' salaries then are used in buying airtime for The Key of David telecast.

So, assuming the $65,000 a year figure is correct, and knowing there are about 63 PCG ministers, that means nearly a fifth of all those tithes sent to PCG go directly into the hands of their ministers.

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