Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joel Hilliker's Rise in the Ranks of PCG's Leadership

PCG's Joel Hilliker has released an article, "Thankful", celebrating his twenty year anniversary of being in PCG. Here Hilliker reveals that he joined PCG in 1994. Here is some of what he says about what he has been up to while within PCG.
God pays close attention to many anniversaries, memorials and annual reminders. The Sabbath after Thanksgiving is one date I remember each year. It was on this day in 1994 that my family attended services with the Philadelphia Church of God for the first time.

That makes 20 years in the PCG. Being 22 at the time, I’ve now spent almost half my life here, the previous years being in the Worldwide Church of God. My sister was 20, so she’s had an almost perfect split between the two.

A full human lifetime is only seven or eight decades. Two decades is a pretty decent portion of a life. It is intriguing to remember back on the 22-year-old—and then 32-year-old—and compare to today. Such reflection inspires overwhelming gratitude for the blessings of these past two decades.

I can survey more than 19 years of being baptized—possessing and growing in the Holy Spirit, the source of spiritual understanding, power, love. Over 17 years of working at headquarters in Edmond, directly contributing to God’s Work. Nearly 16 years of marriage, building memories and absorbing all the lessons it offers. Over 14 years in God’s ministry, and 14 years teaching at God’s college, helping others’ spiritual growth. Over 13 years as a father, and seven as a father of three, working in partnership with God and my wife at shaping future God beings.
I find it fascinating how Hilliker was writing articles for PCG even before he was ordained. He was writing articles as early as 1998.

Well of course Hilliker is happy. The tithes sent by PCG members allows him and his family to live in this fine abode.

Hilliker's home at PCG's headquarters. (PCG Information.)

No wonder Hilliker continues to prop up PCG despite the many problems within it.

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  1. Yeah... but if you ask me, living in Oklahoma isn't really that much of a blessing compared with other parts of the United States.

    20 years wasted.