Saturday, November 29, 2014

PCG's Ron Fraser: Yugoslavia to be Rushed into the EU (2000)

Here is yet another false prophecy from PCG. Shortly after the overthrow of the Milošević regime in Serbia in 2000 the European Union took measures to normalize relations with Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). Part of the process of normalizing relations was for Yugoslavia to join the European Council. PCG's Ron Fraser seemed to think this was a sign that Yugoslavia would be fast tracked into joining the EU.

Now Yugoslavia appears to be thrust into the fast lane for early membership despite an economy and political structure seemingly in tatters. Why? It’s simple. The gnomes of Brussels who oversee the agenda for EU expansion know that there can be no effective eastward expansion of the Union unless and until the Balkan Peninsula is secured. ...

Less than two weeks after Kostunica’s recognition of the osce, the federal republic was admitted to membership at a special meeting called in Vienna on November 10. On the same day, Yugoslavia applied for a membership of the 41-nation European Council. This is normally a long, drawn-out process. However, after a special two-day meeting of the European Council’s political committee held in Strasbourg, it decided to place Yugoslavia in the fast lane and grant membership by June next year!

What is worth noting is that European Council membership, as the BBC related at the time, “is the touchstone to EU membership.” The BBC report further noted, “Yugoslavia may gain special guest status with unprecedented quickness; probably by the end of the year.”

Watch for Yugoslavia to be pushed now, by events controlled from Brussels, into the fast lane to EU membership. (Ron Fraser, "Yugoslavia Comes in From the Cold", Philadelphia Trumpet, December 2000.)
Fourteen years later neither Serbia nor Montenegro are in the EU. Clearly Ron Fraser did not know what he was talking about. This is because God is not with the Philadelphia Church of God. Gerald Flurry, Ron Fraser and their collaborators are false prophets spreading false fear inducing prophecies. There is no nee to fear their dire pronouncements.


  1. Uh... am I mistaken that Yugoslavia doesn't actually exist any more? That's more than failed prophecy -- it's utter rubbish.

    OK, then -- Philadelphia Church of God:

    Philadelphia has something to do with brotherly love and the PCG has none, primarily because of the narcissism of Gerald Flurry: Major Fail.

    Church? No, it's not a church, it's a cult: Major Fail.

    of God? Nah, ah! It's not of God, it's more akin to the church of Satan the Devil because Flurry is a liar.: Major Fail.

    So we see, just from the name that the PCG is a Major Fail on all counts.

    No one should be surprised that they fail at prophecy as well.

    And by the way, check out 1975 in Prophecy (page 10) to see Herbert Armstrong's prophecy about Tito becoming the Beast of Revelation!

    Tito died and Yugoslavia is gone.

    What do you know?

    A perfect record.

    Broken as it is....

  2. Fraser talked utter rubbish in this article all right.

    In 2003 they dropped the name Yugoslavia. Then in 2006, after a referendum, Montenegro declared independence.

    Also in 2008 Kosovo declared independence. The Republic of Kosovo is recognized by 109 countries.

    Out of what used to be Yugoslavia only Slovenia and Croatia have joined. Bosnia at present cannot join because its division into two halves at the signing of the Dayton Accords means it fails to qualify for EU membership. No other have yet joined.