Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mark Armstrong's Weekly Update (December 23, 2016)

Mark Armstrong continues preaching of Islamophobia in his December 23, 2016 weekly update. Even though violence is a problem that afflicts people of all ethnicities and religions Mark Armstrong chose to focus on scare mongering against people of one particular religion.
As if the world needed reminding of the terrorist threat that invaded Europe amid Angela Merkel's invitation to Muslim migrants, everyone knows about the Berlin truck massacre.  Who'd have thought something like this could happen?  True, the same tactic was used to crush through the holiday crowd in Nice, France.  That was supposed to have been the umpteenth wake up call for Europe to get serious about security for civilian crowds.  The leaders of Germany and the European Union surely heard about the Somali Honor Student at Ohio State University who suddenly snapped from his demeanor of hard-working politeness to ram and stab other students on campus. 
He makes the inflammatory accusation that "Muslim refugees" dream of committing murder against Europeans.
We knew, so European leadership must have known that ISIS was generating headlines on a regular basis, calling for the use of vehicles and knives to descend upon innocent men, women and children who seem to have no idea that they're targets.  Mrs. Merkel has, with the acquiescence of EU officials, created an atmosphere where Muslim refugees are free to roam about polite society while they conspire to murder as many hated westerners who've taken them in, fed and sheltered them, as possible.
Islamophobia is often used to vilify liberals as well. Mark Armstrong continues that theme here.
Another deadly massacre courtesy of mindless political correctness toward these murderous animals who supposedly deserve every western courtesy and consideration. 
Muslims are incorrectly viewed as a single political mass and stereotyped as violent.
This week also saw the murder of a Russian ambassador at a meeting in Ankara, Turkey.  It was carried out by an Islamic security guard who was supposed to be protecting the man he shot and killed.  If it's any consolation, both this guy and the Tunisian who killed 12 and wounded 50 in Berlin, are dead.  Too bad there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands more in Europe who will carry out similar attacks against non-Muslims.
Certain parts of the world are demonized as being a "terrorist region" to vilify refugees who had fled to Europe many of whom fled the ongoing cataclysmic war in Syria.
Holland, Sweden, Norway, France, and so many others now have swarms of “refugees” from every terrorist region you can name, courtesy of Germany and the EU.  They remain largely in denial as the rapes, murders and assaults pile up, off the record for the most part.  “We can do this,” is the polite justification for having imported a political ideology masquerading as religion into the midst of a very generous and polite population. 
He vilifies Merkel as "insane" and falsely accuses the political left of not wanting to offend "even the most bloodthirsty terrorist". That is complete nonsense and a frightful accusation.
How many more of these vile, murderous attacks will the west absorb before every honest individual realizes that political correctness (the idea that no one has the “right” to offend the sensibilities of even the most bloodthirsty terrorist) has betrayed everything they held dear?  What will replace the insanity of Angela Merkel and the pedantic leaders of the European Union?
It is a common trope within Islamophobia that Muslims among us are trying to impose some sort of Sharia law upon society.
You've seen enough photographs and video clips from the Muslim cities of the Middle East to know what rubble these people have wrought in their own homelands.  Parts of Germany and France are already taking on a similar appearance, as Muslims declare “sovereignty” and Sharia Law wherever they congregate.  They reportedly taunt the German Police saying that they vastly outnumber law enforcement, and will fight any attempt at interference in their affairs.  Now that they've invaded Europe, Britain and the United States in such mind-numbing numbers, law enforcement will have little chance of containing the threat.  The socialists and protesters are already screaming that their “rights” are being violated. 
It is also common within Islamophobic polemics to blame leftists for supposedly collaborating or sympathizing with (narrowly stereotyped) Muslims.
The realm of theory has been breached.  We're now living in the midst of a reality wholly concocted by the infantile slogans of pro-green, pro-gay, pro-diversity “leaders.”  Those who've purported to represent western civilization have turned their backs on God, desecrated the very concept of Truth, and the ultimate consequences have yet to be realized.
And so it seen that Mark Armstrong has produced yet another xenophobic weekly update.


  1. Sometimes when reading Mark's rants, I wonder WWGTAD (what would GTA do)? GTA was also short on facts and long on blame, but then he could put his personal spin on things.

  2. "desecrated the very concept of Truth"

    His is the sort of person who will never even come close to the concept of truth.

    Hint: Truth is an antonym of lie.

    We know, we know, it's such a hard concept to grasp....

  3. Mikey: A few years ago I emailed ICG and told them their excessive bad news approach was not helping them. I related a Spokesman Club incident; a speech I gave after a national science conference was in their style of 'bad news'.
    The Club director that evening wasn't the minister, but a journalist, critical of the continual "ain't it awful approach". His conclusion was that we could expect Judgement will include a few cases of "You knew about the problem, what did you do to fix it?"

  4. I've spent most of my professional life applying maximum energies to the processes which brought the most positive results or feedback. It is very sad, and must be horribly unfulfilling that one cannot do this as the leader of an ACOG.