Friday, December 30, 2016

PCG's Trumpet Hour's Year in Review

PCG's Trumpet Hour has made a show discussing the year in review (December 28, 2016). As usual it is hosted by Joel Hilliker.

Brent Nagtegaal talked about the nuclear deal with Iran.

Richard Palmer talked about Britain's decision to withdraw from the European Union.

Andrew Müller talked the election resulting in Trump's victory.

Jeremiah Jacques picked the (alleged) retreat of the United States from Asia.

At one point Nagtegaal stated that the United States is so weak today. What nonsense. The United States is by far the most powerful nation state on the face of the earth. The United States has 800 military bases all over the world, far more than any other nation states in the world.

At one point it is stated that at this time last year more people were concerned about the terrorists and murderers of ISIL but that now people are less concerned. This attitude is easy to have while living in a land at peace. PCG's leaders have set their hearts on scare mongering about Iran and the widespread and justified concern about the terrorists and murderers of ISIL makes PCG's message harder to promote consequently PCG has tended to minimize ISIL compared with Iran.

As is always the case with this radio show it is insisted that PCG's prophetic scenario is on the cusp of being fulfilled. This has been PCG's message for a quarter of a century now and they are still waiting. But they are but false prophets. Their words will not be fulfilled.


  1. "As is always the case with this radio show it is insisted that PCG's prophetic scenario is on the cusp of being fulfilled."

    Yes, and any day now, warp drives will be invented and we will have interstellar travel.

    CRISPR/Cas9 will be used to extend lives for centuries some time in 2017 or 2018. Heck, it might be 2019 before we have eternal life, but it's coming in the next 3 to five years.

    And after that, medical science will cure the common cold.

    That will make commuting in your air car much more enjoyable as you fly along the freeways in the sky.

    It may be surprising that this past week I found, ordered and received a book that says that British Israelism is science fiction.

    Let's go with that.

  2. What, no tales of wild Negroes happily pursuing what PCG sees as their ethnic destiny, rioting and starting race wars responding to the ceremonial beating of the Black Lives Matter drum? Why, PCG must surely be slipping!