Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another British-Israelite

This is from Chapter 40 of the Autobiography of HWA.

"This man was well impressed with our program and also with The Plain Truth, which he carefully examined. It happened that he was familiar with the truth of our national identity in the House of Israel, and he was glad to see this truth published in the Plain Truth magazine."

What HWA cleverly obscured from his Autobiography was the information that British-Israelism had long been circulated within Britain and America. This person would have heard of this from people influenced by the teachings of such men as John Wilson and Edward Hine.

Some to this day deny that HWA was a plagiarizer. Some have tried to narrowly define plagiarism as simply copying words, when in fact plagiarism has a wider definition than that. It involves taking other peoples' ideas and not acknowledging them.

HWA was a plagiarizer. That is why he happened to find this fellow British-Israelite. HWA did not get it by studying the Bible but by acquiring this doctrine while reading of these beliefs.

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