Friday, August 28, 2009

More Musings on the Vita Packatollah

Unsurprisingly this book paints a very negative portrayal of Meredith. Because Pack originally joined his organization Pack desperately needs to discredit him and "prove" that God could not be working through him. If Pack really is an Apostle as he has claimed since 2005, then why did he affiliate himself Meredith when he left WCG? It is to get rid of this problem that Meredith is portrayed in a negative manner. Pack was never involved with PCG so they merit only the occasional disparaging comment.

In the first volume Meredith was portrayed as a failure and this is mentioned again in this volume. "Mr. Pack had a detailed personal history with this man that was negative in so many regards." (Chapter 38.)

Pack claims that Meredith's reassigning another man as the designated successor was a sign Meredith would not be faithful. This is just one way that Pack seeks to discredit Meredith.

Pack is also well known for refusing to answer Here is how Pack excuses himself from answering every concern that is raised. "“As I have written before, if I continue to have to answer each and every charge written about me from now until Christ returns, one person after one person after one person at a time, the Adversary will have effectively rendered me useless as a tool in God’s hands to serve His people." (Chapter 50.)


  1. Thanks for pointing these things out, RF.

    It's an oddball way to look at it, I know, but Pack and Flurry and Merideth and their writings are some of the most helpful material there is. The more they bite and devour each other, and the more they expose one another, the more people see. The more you point this out and make it available, the more people see.

    So the work is mostly done for us. We just need to get the word out.

  2. And don't they all love criticizing the "hirelings" ...