Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts on the Packatollah's New Authorized Biography

As mentioned before, Volume 2 of The Authorized Biography of David Pack has come out. It's even longer than the first volume.

Let us see what this man, who has called himself an Apostle and ordered his followers to give up their assets to him, has to say.

I read its account of Dave Pack's last days as a WCG minister. According to him Herman Hoeh once referred to the Tkachite reformers as the "Synagogue of Satan." Pack complains that many people who promised to go with him out of WCG got cold feet and decided to stay. "The renowned “doctor” [apparently Herman Hoeh, who is not explicitly named] completely agreed that if Mr. Armstrong had still been alive, the current Pastor General would have been disfellowshipped from the Church. “The synagogue of Satan is in charge out here,” he said, alluding to Revelation 3:9." (Chapter 37.)

It has a section on Pack's infamous "Clarion Call" in which he demanded members hand over their assets over to him. This may be seen in Chapter 59.

In one of the photos in the seventh section there is a photo of Dave Pack and his present wife, the former Vernia Anstey, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Restored Church of God. A photo is shown of a big cake. It is remarkable how similar this occasion is to a birthday. I thought birthdays were forbidden. Of course this is not a birthday, it is an "anniversary," they would tell us. Birthdays are anniversaries.

Here is how Pack excuses himself from answering every concern that is raised. "“As I have written before, if I continue to have to answer each and every charge written about me from now until Christ returns, one person after one person after one person at a time, the Adversary will have effectively rendered me useless as a tool in God’s hands to serve His people." (Chapter 50)

Also if you look at some of the pictures you see the men at church wearing suits all the time. I remember reading every now and then how everyone dressed in a very formal manner while at church. Now as explained before I never got to the stage in which I got to attend church. But I think I now know what they are talking about. Every man dressed up in suits. This is a disturbing reflection of HWA's over emphasis on outward appearances rather than what is on the inside of a human being.

Ultimately this book must be judged as simply part of an attempt to deceive people into adopting Pack's version of the Armstrongite heresy. Pack invites the unsuspectingto place their trust in Herbert W. Armstrong, a man who made numerous false prophecies, predicted Christ's return in 1975 and by 2005, and he taught many things which are not true. This maybe a useful resource in coming to grips with what HWA really tried to inculcate into us.

May the Lord save those that RCG are trying to deceive.


  1. "May the Lord save those that RCG are trying to deceive."


  2. FWIW: I have a critique of Pack's sabbath book @:

    There are also two "Mystery of the Ages" critiques @

  3. Bill,

    Took a look at the website. It looks quite good. I liked the article Atheists Beware!

  4. Just made some minor edits.

    I added a comma on the first sentence.

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    And added a link to Chapter 59 of his Biography in which he discusses his infamous Clarion Call tirade calling for members to hand over their assets.