Friday, August 21, 2009

Want to do Something about PCG?

[Update: Please see the above post. The company in question has decided to remove PCG's materials from their newsstands. This situation is no longer relevant.]

I have just read that PCG has arranged to have their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, placed in newsstands in South Africa after coming to an agreement with Tempest Sixt Car Hire.

Outraged? Wish to do something about it?

Let us send them emails.

I fear that the persons behind this company may be unaware of the Philadelphia Church of God's true nature. So I sent them an email telling them what sort of organization PCG actually is.

I have a suggestion for you. I want you to tell this rental car company what sort of organization they have allowed to take up their newsstand space. Just cut and paste my example letter if you want, maybe add your own touches to it if you want, and send it at that address. You will have to fill in some details. I stuck in some pseudonyms myself, but I leave that to the discretion of the reader.

Please always be respectful and courteous if you should decide to send your own email to them.

HWA managed to get on so many radio stations because, if I recall correctly, he hid the cultic nature of his organization. "Oh it's just (mainly) a news thing," he essentially told them. Perhaps PCG has done the same here?

Well, let's tell Tempest Sixt Car Hire the truth about this organization. Let's do it in a wave of emails so they will not so easily ignore this message.

This will only take a few minutes. I encourage you to do this thing to make this company fully aware of what they have actually done.

The email you can send to them begins here:

To Tempest Sixt Car Hire

According to this page ( it seems that the magazine The Philadelphia Trumpet will now be offered on your newsstands beginning in September.

I am concerned that you may be unaware of the true nature of this dangerous organization. This publication is produced by the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG), which has its world headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA.

This organization has been known to engage in destructive behavior and hence is widely known as a destructive, mind control cult.
  • Members hold this superstition that using medicines is somehow an offense against God and members have been known to refuse to take medical treatment. Some have even died because of this doctrine of death, such as Australian member Garth MacDonald. (See:
  • If any member should wish to leave they are shunned by all members. PCG members are required to have "no contact" with those who leave.
  • Furthermore PCG members are forbidden from having contact with members of their parent organization the Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, or any other organizations springing from WCG. Those who belong to such organizations are denounced as "Laodiceans" who are viewed as cursed by God and not worthy of any social contact.
  • PCG members are also required to pay three tithes. They trick potential converts by offering their writings for free, thus creating a sense of obligation to them in the reader, which they use to suddenly spring this terrible burden upon them. This is a terrible financial burden which has caused many members to be impoverished and forced to go without in order to meet the demands of this cult.
  • Furthermore their publication is designed to interpret the world events within an apocalyptic narrative. They teach that nuclear World War III will soon erupt and the world will be on the brink of nuclear annihilation. This fearful interpretation is used to scare people into clinging themselves onto PCG.
  • Their leader, Gerald Flurry, is held to be "That Prophet."
  • They do not believe in the Trinity, instead they say God is a family of beings into which believers can be born into.
If you wish to see more information about this organization you might wish to investigate the following sites:

Ambassador Report on PCG

Exit and Support Network

The Plain Truth about Malachi's Message and That Prophet (written by a former member)

Ambassador Watch

Because of these facts I have put this to your attention. This is the organization which has been allowed to send its publications in your newsstands.

I have brought these facts to your attention in order for you to be aware of the true nature of this organization. You deserve to know what sort of organization PCG is.

Thank you for your attention

---End of email---

The proceeding is pretty much what I wrote to them. However the first paragraph was altered in order to make it less personal. Before it said, "I was reading this page ( and learned that the magazine The Philadelphia Trumpet will now be offered on your newsstands beginning in September." That is the only change.

Let us ensure that this company will not remain ignorant of the disturbing nature of PCG. I am not planning a boycott or anything, I simply want this company to be fully aware of what this organization is.

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  1. I have found several of their rag racks in stores and washeterias, etc. I just trash 'em(rack 'n all)
    I guess I could get in trouble if one of Flurry's flakes catches me in the act. Maybe I should use your ideas instead?=)