Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Erik Prince of Blackwater and Iran

While I was listening to this interview and it occurred to me that Erik Prince, founder of the mercenary company, Blackwater happens to share a view similar to PCG.

Erik Prince seems to have this strange idea in his head that Iran is trying to inspire Shiite rebellion all over the Islamic world according a speech of his that was leaked recently.
In the speech, Prince proposed that the US government deploy armed private contractors to fight “terrorists” in Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia and Saudi Arabia, specifically to target Iranian influence.
In the interview linked to above journalist Jeremy Scahill remarks that Erik Prince says that "Iran is at the dead center of badness". (0:22.)

This seems quite similar to PCG's doctrine. PCG teaches that the future King of the South will be Iran. How Iran, a Shiite country, will be able to lead the predominantly Sunni Muslim world as a united political unit is beyond me. And Gerald Flurry I believe. Especially considering the bad blood that will have to be overcomed due to the catastrophe of the Iraq War.

I am not suggesting that Erik Prince has been listening to PCG but it is strange he should think that.

Most other COGs are more vague about the King of the South. LCG, for instance say it will be Arab. RCG insists that there will be no future King of the South but that that prophecy was fuffilled already with Ethiopia. But this ignores the fact that HWA's WCG did in fact teach that there will be a future King of the South.

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