Monday, May 10, 2010

LCG's Headquarters' Team

Found this fascinating forward by Roderick C. Meredith from the November-December, 2009, Living Church News, pp. 1-2, 20. It provides a brief hagiographic description of those in charge of LCG.
As many of you know, Mr. Ames married my “little sister” back in 1964! So he and I have been not only friends but brothers-in-law for all these years! Nevertheless—as everyone involved in the telecast realizes firsthand—I did not put Mr. Ames on the television program because he was a relative. I have had many relatives. But none of them have had the background, the outstanding radio voice and personality, the training and the ability Mr. Ames has to do the program. So Christ has truly prepared him to help finish the Work at this time. Most of you know that I, with the Council of Elders’ and others’ input, have designated him as my “successor” in case God should choose to take my life before Christ returns. So I ask all of you to pray fervently for Mr. Ames in a special way!

Next, I would like to note the fine background and contributions of Dr. Douglas Winnail. Before Dr. Winnail came to Ambassador College, where he earned his B.A. in Theology, he had already earned a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Preventive Medicine. Later, he earned a master’s degree in Public Health, teaching at a number of colleges (including Ambassador) and serving as a field minister for the Worldwide Church of God and Global Church of God. He served for several years as a Regional Pastor and Regional Director in the Living Church of God before coming to Charlotte. He has always been a steady and dedicated individual and a truly humble “team player.” Having now worked with Dr.Winnail for hundreds of hours personally—here in Charlotte and on various trips overseas—I have found him to be a wonderful and balanced friend, and brother, in carrying on Christ’s Work today.

I used to wonder why Mr. Carl McNair regularly used Dr. Winnail as an “idea man.” Now I know! For he does come up with many thoughtful concepts, plans and organizational ideas which have proved extremely beneficial in “growing” the Work of God. He has helped us produce two fine leadership programs, and has made a regular practice of conducting regional conferences for the ministry and leaders all over the United States and the world. He has reintroduced and updated our “public appearance” campaigns, in which our ministers invite Tomorrow’s World readers to special meetings to learn more about the Truth and the Work. Dr. Winnail has introduced and is introducing more programs to help grow the Work all the time—while energetically helping Dr. Germano and me bring to fruition the establishment of Living University.

So, Dr. Winnail also needs your prayers! And I hope that he will be able to continue on for many years, assisting me and Mr. Ames in the various responsibilities he carries, such as Director of Church Administration, Vice Chair of the Living University Board of Regents, key writer for our publications, and more.

Another key individual here, who has a very long record of faithful service in Christ’s Work, is Mr. Dibar Apartian. Mr. Apartian is my “oldest” friend, since we first met each other 54 years ago when he came to Ambassador College as a professor of French. For about six years, we lived right next door to each other on South Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena, California. I have spent hundreds of hours with Mr. Apartian personally, and his wife was my first wife’s best friend. So I have seen Mr. Apartian grow in understanding and dedication for many years, especially in directing the French Work—and also now the entire International Work under Dr. Winnail’s overall supervision.

Having had so much experience over somany years,Mr. Apartian often adds a “special touch” in our ministerial deliberations. He is the consummate gentleman, as well, and—since he grew up in Switzerland and France so many years ago—still carries with him a background of European culture. The Eternal God has granted him more than 91 years of life so far, and we are grateful that he is still serving so actively and productively! So, please also remember Mr. Apartian in your prayers.

Last, but not least, let me say that Mr. Davy Crockett—our Director of Business Operations—is somewhat newer in the full-time ministry, but has been with us in this Work from the very beginning. He and his wife served faithfully in the Little Rock, Arkansas congregation for many years. Mr. Crockett owned his own insurance claims adjusting business there, which was bought out by a larger company that wanted him to stay on and lead the combined companies for a few more years. At the end of his contract, rather than staying on as they wished, he asked to become full-time in this Work. He knew he was going to take a sizable salary cut in order to do this, but he wanted to do it anyway. So, as many of you know,Mr. Crockett continued to serve the brethren faithfully, not only as a minister in Little Rock but all over Arkansas and as far east as Memphis, Tennessee. Then, after a few years, we asked him to come to Charlotte to serve as our Director of Business Operations. He has done a fine job in this, and has also givenmany fine sermons and sermonettes, and has helped in the ministry very much here in Charlotte as well.We all appreciate his unique contribution.

Here in Charlotte, these four men and I (sometimes affectionately called “RCM and the four Ds”—Dick, Doug, Dibar and Davy)meet together two or three times a week and make all major decisions as a “team.” We normally have an Executive Lunch on either Tuesdays orWednesdays—and include in this group some of the other key individuals here as well, such as Messrs. Rod McNair, Gary Ehman, Charles Ogwyn and, more recently, Dr. Scott Winnail. Other leading visiting ministers—such as Messrs. Bruce Tyler from Australia, Rod King from Britain, Gerald Weston from Canada, and Mario Hernandez representing the Spanish Work—are also sometimes included, plus Dr. Michael Germano when he is in town on Living University matters. Others are invited from time to time as need arises.

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  1. Here we go again with the same wannabes that was, and is not, and yet is! LOL! And they definitely know how to keep that pecking order in line. I know Gary Ehman was sent a letter against my being a member on the LCG Forum, and so they blocked my contributions.

    Happens when you asked those uncomfortable questions.