Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Clever These Armstrongite Ministers Are

I saw this phrase from one of Gerald Flurry's booklets which quoted this Tomorrow's World (May-June 1970) article. I can understand if no one else will feel the same way but this statement made me see just what an astounding scam this business of Armstrongism is.
“It has been the devil’s plan to pervert even the meaning of the word ‘father.’ Today people use that term about God—yet become very offended when told the plain truth of God’s divine purpose. They cannot believe that humans are destined to literally become born sons of God—just like God—as our children are like us. So in Jesus’s day the Jews refused to hear Jesus’s words about the Father.
This statement, to me, shows how clever this game was. So many of us didn't stand a chance with them.

Here refusal to accept the God Family doctrine is explained to followers as denying clear evidence. Completely ignoring the Scriptures which challenge this idea and the fact that the God Family doctrine was simply pilfered by HWA from either Mormonism or the early Watchtower Cult.

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  1. Interesting Redfox. Thanks. I do know that Paul N.Benware shows how this idea of the Godfamily was adopted from the Mormons by HWA, in his book "The Ambassadors of Armstrongism," pgs.32-33.

    I think this book is now out of print, and so you may have to purchase it through a site for out of print books like