Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another PCG No Contact Horror Story

It is impossible for me to verify this account.

ESN has just published another letter (see the February 2 letter) that exposes the horror of those whose lives are torn apart by PCG's ruthless No Contact policy.

Due to Philadelphia Church of God's cut off policy, I lost my wife who passed on in 2009. Two of my children had been cut off because they decided to marry outside the PCG. My other son was to be cut off by December 2009 if he didn't make a baptismal commitment. This was too much to bear.

In June 2010, I was required to cut off important people outside the PCG (a group of 17 families in the neighbourhood who have been very supportive of my family for years). I gave reason why I didn't think of cutting them off (we discussed ideas and supporting each other during happy and sad occasions). This didn't go well with Max Rumler. He had all kinds of schemes to get me submissive. Max Rumler (Regional Director) gave a married lady US$300.00 to divorce her husband and she was told after the divorce went through that she should get married immediately. I wondered who else they expected her to get married to. When I eventually told Max there was no way I would marry this lady, I was accused of knowing nothing and not being close to God and that I allowed people who had not studied the formerly seven books (and in June increased by another two) to come into the PCG. I was suspended and told I was going to suffer for putting the PCG at risk. Strange enough, all these people have been pursued to come back to PCG and some have been calling me to tell me about it. This showed how dishonest the Regional Director has been.

Sure enough, I knew nothing as I came to discover. But what didn't I know? It wasn't what Max had in mind. My research through the internet for the truth is what I didn't know. Now I know the disappointment of Max and his boss. Max has been preaching that he had told me not to visit the website but I disobeyed the "government of God." He says the website is a lie. My question to Max is if all website is a lie, what makes you think PCG's is not? On the contrary it has proved to be the greatest lie.

What was intended to control me turned out to be the best thing that happened to me. I am out of PCG and NEVER TO GO BACK but at what cost? Loss of my wife and family.

The sad thing is no one of all those that I have tried to help see what PCG has been doing to people will believe me. They strongly believe I am in the bonds of Satan. --[name removed]

In case you want a picture here's one of Max Rumler.

Alas, within PCG, members are brainwashed into believing that having no contact with former members is actually loving. It is a most wicked thing when the "ministers" dare to lie and tell their followers that No Contact is Love. Such a sentiment is as nonsensical as saying a Square is a Circle.

It is precisely because of these things that I encourage readers to warn people about PCG, hence why I have released my previous post calling on members to inform those who gave PCG a platform to preach without while possibly not knowing their true nature.


  1. Please listen to this Bible Study on Matthew 10 which shows how dishonest the PCG is with respect to their no contact policy.

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