Friday, February 11, 2011

Congratulations to the Egyptian People

My humblest congratulations to the Egyptian people in this historic day when Mubarak, after 29 years of authoritarian rule has resigned.

The pro-democracy demonstrators have shown extraordinary courage, showing up to strive for freedom even though they knew they could be killed, as far too many indeed were.

Tomorrow the grand and difficult task of rebuilding Egypt will begin but for now I wish to share, however humbly, in the joy that this news has sparked and say my deepest congratulations to the people of Egypt.


  1. Don't be too fast to congratulate the people of Egypt Redfox. The dictator is being replaced with what? What group is the most organized in Egypt to take the reigns of power?

  2. I am painfully aware of the difficulties which the Egyptian nation is bound to go through in rebuilding their country.

    However when so many people decide to stand up with one voice, I feel it is necessary to state my support and encouragement of these brave people.

    I think their strivings for democracy is a good thing and I hope it goes well.