Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here's Something You Can Do About PCG

Among those of us who are familiar with the abuses of PCG or other COGs there is a lot of anger. Let us use this anger strategically in the right place.

Therefore I encourage every reader to take note of this situation and just take five minutes of your time and send an email, cut and paste my email if you want to make it easier, to expose the true nature of PCG.

Let us, who know the true nature of PCG, inform such persons of their true nature and insure that PCG will not be able to come there again.

Recently I saw this tweet by PCG's Stephen Flurry:
Columnist Joel Hilliker to be interviewed on a Birmingham radio station in about 20 minutes. Stream:
The link in that tweet goes to

It is the website of WYDE-FM, an AM radio based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Here is their contact page.

It asks for details.

I sent them this message.

Here's my email:
According to this tweet ( it seems that one Joel Hilliker, who is an employee of the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG), was interviewed on your radio station around noon on February 3.

I am concerned that you may be unaware of the true nature of this organization.

This organization has been known to engage in destructive behavior and hence is widely known as a destructive, mind control cult.
  • Members hold this superstition that using medicines is somehow an offense against God and members have been known to refuse to take medical treatment. Some have even died because of this doctrine of death, such as Australian member Garth MacDonald in 2006 (See:
  • If any member should wish to leave they are shunned by all members. PCG members are required to have "no contact" with those who leave.
  • Furthermore PCG members are forbidden from having contact with members of their parent organization, the Worldwide Church of God, which was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, or any other organizations springing from WCG. Those who belong to such organizations are denounced as "Laodiceans" who are viewed as cursed by God and not worthy of any social contact.
  • PCG members are also required to pay three tithes. They trick potential converts by offering their writings for free, thus creating a sense of obligation to them in the reader, which they use to suddenly spring this terrible burden upon them. This is a terrible financial burden which has caused many members to be impoverished and forced to go without in order to meet the demands of this cult.
  • Furthermore their publication is designed to interpret the world events within an apocalyptic narrative. They teach that nuclear World War III will soon erupt and the world will be on the brink of nuclear annihilation. This fearful interpretation is used to scare people into clinging themselves onto PCG.
  • Their leader, Gerald Flurry, is held to be "That Prophet" and an Apostle.
  • They do not believe in the Trinity, instead they say God is a family of beings into which believers can be born into.
If you wish to see more information about this organization you might wish to investigate the following sites:

Ambassador Report on PCG

Exit and Support Network

The Plain Truth about Malachi's Message and That Prophet (written by a former member)

Because of these facts I have put this to your attention. This is the organization which Joel Hilliker represents. I fear that this fine radio station has allowed a such a man to be on its station without being aware of the facts about this organization.

I have brought these facts to your attention in order for you to be aware of the true nature of this organization. You deserve to know what sort of organization PCG is.

Thank you for your attention
It is impossible for us to know what this radio station knows about PCG, so let's make them know.

I sent my email, but I am only one.

If many of us sent such an email to them it will give them a clear message on how dangerous this group is and what a harmful influence they have been. Let us expose PCG.

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