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Both PCG's Ron Fraser and Osama bin Laden Wrong About HIV/AIDS's Origins

May 1999 issue.

As seen in a previous post, "PCG's Ron Fraser Falsely Blaming Sexual Promiscuity for "Giving Birth" to AIDS", Ron Fraser once inaccurately blamed sexual promiscuity in America (and Britain) for "giving birth" to AIDS.  
The current generation of foreign policy formulators and administrators in the West, particularly in the present British and American administrations, is the product of a left-wing, socialist-engineered education system that had its genesis in the 1960s (though its true origins may be traced to the Marxist-Leninist thought engendered by the fathers of socialism in the early 1900s). Socialist philosophy has always had particular appeal to the intelligentsia. Often described as the “baby-boom generation,” the post-World War II generation, which had their minds bent by German rationalist thought, tends to predicate all analyses, judgments and conclusions on godless evolutionary theory, based on the overall assumption that there are no absolutes.

In general terms, to this generation all of the values, mores, honorable traditions—even documented history of past events—are held up to question. This approach to subjective analysis is fundamentally sourced at a basic and false assumption—that the theory of relativity applies not just in the arena of physical sciences. By extension it is assumed that it generally may be applied to human behavior—religion, moral standards, ethics and human values. Thus we have the concept of “moral relativity,” which spawned the “new morality” of the 1960s, giving birth to a new and uncontrollable communicable disease—AIDS. (Ron Fraser, What's Behind the Crisis in Foreign Relations?, The Philadelphia Trumpet, May 1999, p. 3.)
You know who else happens happens to think that HIV/AIDS came from America? Osama bin Laden.

(Don't worry.
The publishers of this book have nothing to do with Al Qaeda.)

The following quote comes from a letter by that mass murderer, Osama bin Laden, entitled "To The Americans", dated October 6, 2002. He is talking to Americans here in the following passage below.
And because of all this, you have been described in history as a nation that spreads diseases that were unknown to man in the past. Go ahead and boast to the nations of man, that you brought them AIDS as a Satanic American Invention. (Osama bin Laden in Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, 2005, p. 168.)
The editor of the book helpfully corrects this ridiculous delusion.
AIDS originated in sub-Saharan Africa during the twentieth century. The estimated prevalence of HIV infection in North America is among the lowest in the world, at between 0.3 and 0.6 per cent of the population. (Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, 2005, p. 168.)
Of course sexual promiscuity had nothing to do with "giving birth" to AIDS. What actually happened was that a disease that previously infected apes developed a strain that could infect humans as well. The first infections occurred in Africa. However it was not until 1981 when scientists in America and France proved that this was a new disease that had not previously infected humans.

Sexual promiscuity had nothing to do with "giving birth" to AIDS. Both Ron Fraser and Osama bin Laden are wrong on this matter.

So we see that Osama bin Laden was not just a mass murderer but an ignorant moron as well.

Now of course PCG and Al Qaeda are very different things. PCG and Al Qaeda are nothing like each other and I am not trying to insinuate some connection between them. There is none. They emerged from very different worlds for very different purposes.

Despite the many problems within PCG it is not like Al Qaeda plotting to seize political power for themselves through violence.

But it is strange to see such different persons from such different perspectives promoting the same ridiculous and inaccurate idea about the origin of HIV/AIDS.


  1. Herbert Armstrong said that anyone who got AIDS would die. Of course they will. Anyone who eats food will eventually die, therefore all food is poison. People with AIDS are living long and prospering these days. These Armstrongist types want to use anything they can to incite fear to drive the masses to them. It's not working of course. The Internet has helped smarten most of us up. The first step is to Google "Philadelphia Church of God". Google will take it from there. Mike's Enlightenment Page is good, the Watchman .pdf is also good. You can even find David Ben Arial describing the Fox 25 news report.

    Well, yes, the PCG isn't exactly like Al Qaeda. That's because the PCG is too chicken to do what Al Qaeda does even though it's obvious that if they had enough power they would be. The PCG expects some day to take over the world. They have shown how abusive they are in their wrong-headed thinking. It's possible that if they were to achieve their dream, they'd make Al Qaeda seem like a Ma Jong garden party society.

  2. AIDS mutated in such a way that many feared would be repeated with the so-called avian flu. For a while, it was numbered amongst the world's existential threats.

    Over the history of the disease, there have been numerous theories as to its cause and derivation. I recall articles on the search for patient zero, and speculation that people had died of the disease as early as in the 1950s, it being unknown, and therefore undetected. Rolling Stone magazine had published an expose attributing it to delayed aftereffects of the Koprowski "live" polio vaccine which was later overshadowed by the vaccine synthesized by Dr. Jonas Salk. Some were even speculating that it had been developed by the CIA as a potential weapon which had gotten out of control.

    There is no question that it was spread primarily by the exchange of key bodily fluids in acts of unprotected sex, and in the early days it was called GRID, or gay related immunal deficiency. As such, it became a fear motivator, useful in furthering many agendas. Most existential threats do. In a sense, it isn't that surprising that we would find both bin Laden and "the Fraze" finding the common ground to promote fundamentalist agendas, be they Islamic, or Armstrongist. The two religions share many other similarities as well.


  3. Black Ops Mikey,

    As terrible and problematic PCG is today we can all be grateful it is not even more powerful than it is now. Even though that fact is, alas, of little comfort to those negatively affected.

    Byker Bob,

    No doubt sexual activities are a major reason how AIDS spread. But what seems to escape Ron Fraser and Osama bin Laden's grasp is that contact with certain bodily fluids spread AIDS, but it did not give "birth" to AIDS, neither is it "a Satanic American Invention."

    They are confusing how AIDS spreads with how AIDS came to be. The virus changed and developed a strand that infected as well. Humans had nothing to do with that.

    And it seems to me very unlikely that patient zero got it from the apes somewhere in Africa sexually. The initial infection probably happened another way I imagine. But it is impossible to know for sure.

  4. As I understand it, it was contracted originally by African natives from simians (monkeys, gorillas):

    According to the natural transfer theory (also called 'Hunter Theory' or 'Bushmeat Theory'), the "simplest and most plausible explanation for the cross-species transmission" of SIV or HIV (post mutation), the virus was transmitted from an ape or monkey to a human when a hunter or bushmeat vendor/handler was bitten or cut while hunting or butchering the animal.

    What Armstrongists also forget is that the infection was spread by unsterile injections and tainted blood transfusions.

    But then, Armstrongists all live in an abstract cartoon sort of world, devoid of any depth, extending their propensity to judge by appearances, which is embedded in their culture of choosing style over substance.

    These people are as two dimensional as a sheet of paper.

  5. There are a number of documented instances of really insidious infection and disease caused to humans by monkey bite. In some cases, death to the human occurs within 24 hours.

    When I was studying history and geography in school, there was a saying regarding the unique conditions of western Africa. WAwa. West Africa wins again. Even if it were not for ideology, the folks who spend their lives there would still face unbelievable challenges to daily existence.


  6. Black Ops Mikey,

    That is what I was trying to say. But you said it much more elegantly than myself.

    Byker Bob,

    I was not aware that a monkey's bite can be so deadly.