Friday, April 3, 2015

PCG Moans About Framework Agreement with Iran

Happy Easter everyone. I hope everyone is having a good holiday.

Now onto the topic at hand.

So a framework agreement has been made between the United States and Iran. And what does PCG have to say about it? They have made an initial response in the following article.
Washington is saying that the eventual agreement will limit Iran’s nuclear program. But many are expressing doubt that the negotiation will keep a nuclear weapon out of the hands of the world’s greatest terrorist nation.
Events seem to be this way to them because PCG's leaders have thrown themselves into an information bubble by only reading news sources they like, predominantly of the right wing variety. They are so confident they know what is "really" going on they do not bother to look at the other side of the story.

They are so stuck in their information bubble that when I saw Gerald Flurry quoting Michael Hastings in his 2013 booklet, America Under Attack, I immediately thought there was something odd about it as PCG's leaders are not inclined to have read a journalist like Michael Hastings.

It turned out that Gerald Flurry was actually relying on a right wing news report about Michael Hastings, specifically The Blaze, but The Blaze's article was not cited in Flurry's booklet.

This shows just how utterly reliant PCG's leaders are towards right wing news sources.
If [Iranian foreign minister Javad] Zarif’s version of events is to be trusted, the United States is about to capitulate to Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the proposed agreement, saying it is a threat to Israel’s survival. He said such a deal “paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” by leaving Iran’s vast nuclear infrastructure in place.
Since 1994 PCG has demonized Iran as being fated to become the King of the South. (Although this dogma appears to have been rarely mentioned until after 9/11.) It is to PCG's advantage to proclaim that Iran is getting the best of the United States. To portray events that way allows PCG's leaders to proclaim that their fearful prophecies are about to occur.
The Trumpet believes Iran’s nuclear program will yield nuclear weapons and that the Islamic republic will use those weapons.
Considering how often PCG's leaders have been utterly wrong about many things (the Muslim Brotherhood turning Egypt into another Iran for instance) and how PCG's leaders do not bother to look at the other side of the story such proclamations from them is worthless.

PCG's leaders say President Obama is some kind of Antichrist like figure, "another Antiochus" specifically. How can people of such extremist views be taken seriously? PCG's leaders are not a reliable source for news of this sort.

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  1. King of the South?

    Something must be wrong with Flurry's GPS.