Friday, April 24, 2015

Ron Fraser's Ugly Xenophobia

I do not know why the late Ron Fraser was like this. But this is what he is like.

So in July 2011 he writes an article talking about how thankful he is to live in Oklahoma. But even when discussing such a pleasant sounding topic he cannot help but to continue condemning people he does not like.
But, this morning I was counting my blessings for living in the heartland territory of Oklahoma, USA.
As the country of my birth [Australia] suffers under a leftist, green-dominated government, its feminist prime minister becoming the first in that country’s history to live in a cohabiting state with her unmarried “partner” in Canberra’s prime ministerial Lodge, I despair at the outcome. The more so when I see that, to survive, Australia is continuing to sell its birthright blessings to foreign nations. Add to this the social disruption that the country [Australia] is suffering due to its foolish immigration laws—allowing anti-Anglo-Saxons to flood its cities—and I’ve more than one reason to be content right now to live in Oklahoma. (Ron Fraser, "Oklahoma--You're Kidding!", July 18, 2011.)
"Anti-Anglo-Saxons"? What on Earth is Ron Fraser talking about? This is what Ron Fraser sees when he looks at other people who live in Australia who happen to have a different skin color from him?

Migrants go to Australia because they are trying to build a better life for themselves and their families. They are not trying to take other people down. They are not trying to overthrow society.

Ron Fraser seems to be projecting his own hostility and contempt for non-white people onto them.

What he seems to really mean is to say that he strongly dislikes having people he views as not white migrating to Australia.

Why is it that the rest of PCG's leaders think such biased and bigotry is perfectly fine and acceptable to them? They seem to think this sort of bigoted, white supremacist nonsense is worthy of being published.

That bigoted nonsense like this is published says a lot about what sort of people PCG's leaders are. And it does not look good.

And as for the "feminist prime minister" Fraser speaks of with such disdain, her name is Julia Gillard. She resigned as Prime Minister in June 2013 and her party was voted out of power later that year.

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  1. Sounds like before his death, he had found a new identity as an American redneck. Proud to be an Okie in Muskogee! I'm guessing this passes as enlightenment in the PCG?