Saturday, August 13, 2016

Meredith Said Causing Church Division Worse Than Murder

Among those who did not depend on Roderick C. Meredith his reputation for authoritarian behavior was already rather known. But as a result of the lawsuit brought by the Scarboroughs against LCG it is now known that Meredith made the following shocking and outrageous denunciation of "church division".
Meredith also said that “causing church division is worse than murder or child molestation”. Ironic since he’s formed two churches through division himself and we never caused or urged a single person to leave LCG. (Elizabeth Scarborough, Banned by HWA, August 7, 2016.)
Banned by HWA and Ambassador Watch have discussed this dreadful comment from Meredith.

What an outrageous thing to say. It is terrible that he should dare to talk of murder and child molestation in such a careless and casual manner.

What a frightening thing it is to see that a person who wields such power as Meredith within LCG should harbor in his heart such skewered and self serving priorities.

He has long ago sold his soul to maintaining and perpetuating his power over his followers.


  1. But, but, but... if the so-called church is just a church corporate cult devoid of ethics and morals, not to mention not having one shred of spirituality, what difference does it make if you cause division -- the only possible outcome is that you could have two mind sucking cults instead of one.

    Go for it.

  2. No difference whatsoever to the general population, Douglas. But it does mean splitting the ill gotten gains with a second charlatan. I say splinter until the franchise becomes unprofitable for any of the charlatans. Then they'll have to sign on for a different kind of welfare!


  3. It is fitting that Meredith goes to church. One can hide their evil playing the church game.

    Church is for the sick and Meredith is one sick SOB!

  4. Combining the two...

    How much division would it cause if someone murdered Meredith?

    And, in that case, which would be considered worst?