Friday, August 5, 2016

PCG Denounces Black Lives Matter Activists Again

PCG so often likes to talk about and condemn Black Lives Matter activists. The latest example of this trend may be seen in the August 2, 2016 broadcast of Trumpet Radio Live made in response to the publication by the Movement for Black Lives of their platform.

The PCG hosts denounce Black Lives Matters activists as racist, not caring about black on black violence, denounces their calls for reparations, says those slain in the Civil War were reparations, denounces their call for legalizing drugs and prostitution. The cases of police brutality that they focus on are denounced by the PCG speakers as not based in fact and it is glibly stated that the police officers concerned were cleared.

And through it all their disdain for these protesters suffuse their words.

And so PCG's party line on this matter is reinforced among their followers yet again. While African Americans are very worried about being the victims of violence the leaders of a numerically small organization in Edmond insist that all is well and denigrates the protests of African Americans and their allies among every ethnicity as not based in reality.

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