Thursday, August 25, 2016

PCG Radio: Communism was a Plot to Destroy the Family

While many are worried about the latest dictates from PCG's 1% about who is allowed to associate with PCG members or not PCG continues cranking out radio broadcasts promoting themselves even though very few people bother listening to them. PCG's 1% constantly portray the world outside PCG as unutterably horrible consequently distracting their followers from the problems within PCG.

The August 10, 2016 broadcast of The Trumpet Hour contains Joel Hilliker and Jeremiah Jacques talking about the Arab world five years after the Arab Spring. They state that things have gone worse for them since those protests. They once again state that the US government abandoned President Mubarak overlooking how problematic it would have been to defy the will of so many Egyptian protesters. But PCG's 1% seem to have little concern about what regular Egyptian people should think about their own nation.

Joel Hilliker, Andrew Müller and Kieran Underwood talked about the platform of the Movement for Black Lives. It is mentioned that the platform call for the abolition of the death penalty. It is insisted that whites are killed by police officers more often than African Americans in order to discredit their stances. Hilliker muses while asking a question that they are calling for "increasing federalization of these ... prisons and that kind of thing?" Their demand for the abolition of private prisons is mentioned.

PCG constantly denigrates Black Lives Matter protesters and portrays them in a very bad light. This is partly influenced by their false prophecy of "race war."

Joel Hilliker and Andrew Müller had a very bizarre, strange, ahistorical discussion of how Communism was a plot to destroy the family. It is entitled "Nationalizing the Family." Müller took a rather theoretical book y Engels about what it would be like for a society to not have family units and have ignorantly exaggerated its importance. The destruction of the family is portrayed as the natural result of "socialism" (whatever they mean by that buzzword). 

Does Müller imagine that the various people who participated in the various Communist parties over the years were motivated by destroying the family and replacing it with some kind of collectivist thing? What nonsense. But what can one expect from a McCarthyite like him?

At one point it is stated that the Soviet Union initially legalized homosexuality as part of this plot to destroy the family. The facts are quite different from this bizarre paranoia peddled on PCG's radio station.
Through the abolishment of old Tsarist laws, the Russian Communist Party effectively legalized no-fault divorce, abortion and homosexuality. The initial Russian Soviet criminal code contained no criminalization of homosexuality as the subject was omitted. 
Yet, the legalisation of private, adult and consensual homosexual relations only applied to Russia itself. Homosexuality or sodomy remained a crime in Azerbaijan (officially criminalised in 1923), as well as in the Transcaucasian and Central Asian Soviet Republics throughout the 1920s. Similar criminal laws were enacted in Uzbekistan in 1926 and in Turkmenistan the following year. ... 
in the 1930s, along with increased repression of political dissidents and non-Russian nationalities under Stalin, LGBT themes faced official government censorship, and a uniformly harsher policy across the entire Soviet Union. Homosexuality was officially labelled a disease. (Wikipedia.)
Of course the worst thing about this ahistorical nonsense is that it obscures the actual terrible and severe problems that occurred in the Soviet Union during the dictatorial rule of Lenin and Stalin.

But Hilliker did not express any doubt about Müller's bizarre fantasy. Instead he seemed quite moved by this paranoid drivel and in the last segment used his discussion to denounce "socialism"  (whatever he means by that buzzword) as being the polar opposite of "God's government" which is portrayed as being better.

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  1. We don't have to worry about the commies destroying families when we have the pcg to do the job!