Friday, August 5, 2016

PCG's Hardening of the No Contact Policy

Exit and Support Network has an article discussing the new no contact ruling from PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, which adds yet another restriction regarding who PCG members may socialize with as part of PCG's infamous no contact policy against ex-members and the members of the other COG groups. (New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry.)

It is a chilling testimony.

Banned by HWA also has posts discussing the apparent hardening of the PCG's 1%'s stance in dictating the infamous no contact policy.

PCG: Fred Dattalo Sinks to New Low: Members to cut off contact with non-member spouses.

PCG Hemorrhaging As They Seek To Control What Remaining Members Are Left.

How can PCG's 1% get their followers to this to themselves? There are many answers to this question but one aspect of it may be seen in how often PCG's 1% scare monger about all kinds of issues. Members appear to be taught to be frightened of all kinds of supposedly menacing "outsiders." Being so afraid of these outsiders they pay less attention to what their supposed protectors are doing to them.

It is saddening but not particularly surprising to see PCG appear to grow even more authoritarian. If PCG's 1% are this determined to maintain control it indicates that they are afraid that all is not well in PCG.

Recent reports have indicated that PCG is not going very well at present. This extension of the infamous no contact policy seems to indicate that such reports were quite correct in detecting that all is not well in PCG.


  1. There are some pcg members who don't follow the party line. Hopefully this newest diktat will tip the scale. Pray for the ones who are still there.

  2. I wish those dissidents all the best but it is safe to assume that the situation in PCG will not improve in the near future.

    1. The improvement would be for pcg to go belly up.

  3. How we all hope that angels will go visit Edmonds and walk about the PCG compound to see how they would be treated.

    Then, perhaps, we could see a reenactment of the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.