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Australian PCG Writer Condemns His Own Country over an Award to Black Lives Matter

PCG has constantly vilified and condemned the Black Lives Matter movement even connecting them to their false prophecy of "race war." But now a charitable foundation of the University of Sydney, the Sydney Peace Foundation, has decided to award Black Lives Matter the Sydney Peace Prize. The award is to be presented on November 2.

PCG has released a petulant article condemning this foundation for contradicting PCG's negative stance regarding Black Lives Matters. The PCG leadership even got an Australian, one Callum Wood, to write this article. (Callum Wood, Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize, May 30, 2017.)

Let's take a look.

The article begins with this ridiculous statement in which Wood throws his own nation under the proverbial bus to keep his bosses happy.
Australia condones the division of American society.
If Wood just bothered to actually read the website of the Sydney Peace Foundation he will see that it is a charitable foundation of the University of Sydney so it is absurd to somehow equate this foundation with all of Australia. How could Wood neglect to see that?

Here we see Wood ridiculing his own countrymen and women as ignorant for showing favor to the Black Lives Matter activists.
The same website is awash with praises to BLM. Understandably, it can be hard to see the looting, rioting, murder and call to arms from across the Pacific Ocean. But if the Peace Foundation stands to “support their vital work” then it must stand in support of the following.
It is clear where Wood's loyalties lie. He chooses to condemn his own fellow Australians to PCG's audience.

Wood insists that more white Americans are killed by police officers to delegitimize the Black Lives Matter movement. He insists that it started based on "wrongful accusations."
BLM rode in on the wake of wrongful accusations leveled against George Zimmerman, and again in the Michael Brown case. Both incidents and their trials saw looting, rioting and mob rule at the hands of the BLM. Both incidents also saw BLM supporters baying for police blood despite a black-inclusive jury exonerating the accused officers. Worthy of a peace prize?
It is concerning how Wood ignores the fact that Black Lives Matter is primarily a protest movement. It has attracted support from white Americans as well. Protests that do not end badly are ignored in this article. Instead sensationalist acts are mentioned to vilify the movement. The protests and activism that has no direct connection with the sensationalist acts are ignored slanting how the protest movement is portrayed.

Wood is wrong to imply that the case of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown ever went to trial. It actually went to a grand jury which threw the case out even though a grand jury's mission is to simply agree to indictments rather than determining guilt or innocence. A grand jury is only supposed to do what the prosecutor tells it to do. If Wood can't even get that detail right what else is he wrong about?

Once again Wood seemingly criticizes the people of his own country for not caring about alleged hostility towards the United States Constitution.
BLM’s disdain for the United States Constitution might carry less weight for non-U.S. citizens. But when it is understood, it shows BLM’s true intent.
Even if this inflammatory accusation happened to be true mere disdain cannot overthrow the government or the Constitution. This is emotive rhetoric.

To demonize Black Lives Matter protesters to his audience he cites one heated yet marginal article from one college student written in 2015 instead of citing a statement by an organization connected with the movement. This article has been used several times by PCG's leaders since March 2016.
Blake Simons, a University of California–Berkeley student and Black Lives Matter activist, wrote a chilling article on Nov. 4, 2015. 
Actually the article in question was first published in September 2015. Then it was taken down from the website and then reposted on November 4, 2015. Wood can't even get that detail right.

Also Wood's sentence is quite similar to how Joel Hilliker mentioned Simons' article. Is this plagiarism? The highlighted portion is the same as in Wood's recent article.
Blake Simons, a University of California–Berkeley student and Black Lives Matter activist, wrote a chilling article on November 4 peddling the same lies. (Joel Hilliker, A Most Menacing Attack on the United States Constitution, March 2, 2016.)
Also both Hilliker and Wood refused to link to the article.

After quoting Simons' article he uses it to scare monger against the Black Lives Matter movement.
Does that sound like the mindset of an organization intent on fostering peace? How do you suppose Australians would react if the Aborigines told us we need to scrap our own Constitution or “get the bullet”? Would everyday Aussies take that as a peaceful statement?
Wood takes Simons' article and equates it with the entire Black Lives Matter movement. That is absurd and a false equivalence.

Also why does Wood exclude Aborigines from his "us" when he says "if the Aborigines told us we need to scrap [Australia's] Constitution"? Are they not Australians as well? Why is it that he thinks of them as not like himself?

Wood also clams that the Black Lives Matter movement lies. The possibility that the movement is an attempt to solve problems concerning the African American community is carefully ignored.
This article is not intended to single out the Sydney Peace Foundation as the only organization that has fallen for BLM’s lies. With significant help from America’s liberal left, BLM has gone mainstream. Beyoncé’s backup dancers raised the Black Panther fist at the Super Bowl while former President Barack Obama weighed in on racially charged cases before even hearing the facts.
Wood stirs up feelings of hostility and fear among his readers by slurring Black Lives Matter as supposedly demonizing law enforcement personnel. Wood makes no attempt to give Black Lives Matter activists the benefit of the doubt.
Now BLM is celebrated as a peacemaker while America’s law enforcement is demonized! And the radical machinations of BLM are celebrated as a step toward peace? Race relations have never been worse! But the Sydney Peace Foundation decision shows the mindset of Australia’s left wing is not too dissimilar from its American counterpart.
Wood ends the article by implying that his PCG can solve the problem of racism against minorities. That is a ridiculous claim.
Australia might not suffer quite the same crippling race relations that America does, but we have our own set of unique problems that threaten our society. There is a way to solve them all, and it doesn’t start with rewarding the divisive actions of Black Lives Matter.
It is so hypocritical for PCG to condemn Black Lives Matter activists as "divisive." What about PCG? From the day it started in 1989 PCG has insisted that it and it alone is the only true church. All other churches are belittled as false Christians. It is widely reported that PCG members are even told to shun members of the other COG groups.

PCG is quite ill suited to solving the problem of racism. A book they publish, Mystery of the Ages, insists that interracial marriage is against (PCG's) God's will slurring thousands if not millions of happy marriages and families. PCG also teaches this ridiculous and racist idea that African Americans will launch a wave of riots against the white majority in the days shortly before Christ's return. Clearly PCG is woefully unable to solve the problem of racism in the United States, Australia or anywhere else.

More information about the unfortunate problem of racism in Australia may be seen this previous post.

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