Saturday, June 10, 2017

Overview of the July 2017 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet

PCG has released another issue of their recruitment magazine (July 2017) to attempt to gain more tithes paying converts. Back in 2012 one of PCG's booklets boasted that PCG had an income of about $19.5 million. Even as early as 1996 PCG boasted of enjoying more than $5 million in annual income. Recently PCG has even bought its own plane.

Let's take a look.

(I find myself compelled to say it: That cover is ugly.)

The editors of this issue are Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad MacDonald, Richard Palmer, Robert Morley, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Phillip Nice.

This issue has a circulation of 267,569. May-June's circulation was 263,551. April's circulation was 267,569. March's circulation was 271,949. February's circulation was 273,591. January was 267,992. November-December was 277,131. October was 280,116.

(Strangely enough this issue's self reported circulation is the exactly the same as that for the April 2017 issue.)

Gerald Flurry has a personal article insisting that the family is under attack. He also boasts about having British journalist Melanie Phillips give a lecture at PCG's Headquarters. PCG has a history of often citing her writings.

Andrew Müller has an article bewailing that father led families idealized by PCG's leadership is no longer as prevalent as it used to be and it is insisted that this will cause the collapse of the United States. The LGBT community are also condemned as well.

Jeremiah Jacques has an article scare mongering about China supposedly expanding its influence in the Middle East.

Richard Palmer has an article about Macron's election to the French presidency scare mongering that various crises in Europe will get worse and worse. The implication is that under a severe crisis Europe will transform itself into a militaristic power which will conquer the United States. The Armstrongites have been continuously scare mongering about such a European attack since the 1930s and it has never happened.

Josue Michels has an article scare mongering about Germany establishing a cyber-warfare division even though one can reasonably assume that the United States has far more expertise in that field of study.

Andrew Müller also has an article about cyborgs.

The Infographic scare mongers about the increase in number of children growing up in fatherless homes. One of PCG's simple answers for explaining why there are problems in society is to imply that if children had fathers raising them up all would be well.

Richard Palmer also has an article about the Catholic Church. He mentions the investiture controversy in the Middle Ages and Pope Francis' words of concern regarding the persecution of Christians in various parts of the world. It is also mentioned that the terrorists and murderers of ISIL have ludicrously mentioned conquering Rome in some of their filthy propaganda. PCG teaches that ecumenism will be turned into a plot by the Catholic Church to forcibly unite the Protestant churches in the time before Christ's return. PCG also teaches that the final Pope will prop up the future European Empire fated to conquer America. This article reinforces these induced phobias.

Jorg Mardian has an article about self-discipline.

Gerald Flurry also has an article justifying HWA's numerous meetings with world leaders. He cites HWA's November 26, 1973 co-worker letter.

Stephen Flurry has a little article about improving one's self.

Andrew Müller also has an article about Neil Gorsuch's appointment to the Supreme Court. He makes no mention of how Republican Senators refused to allow President Obama to make his nomination to the Supreme Court for nearly a year.

WorldWatch mentions President Trump's air strike on Syria in retaliation for the gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4, 2017; scare mongering that Iran will make its army more focused on learning offensive capabilities; the launch of the first Chinese built aircraft carrier in Dalian on April 26, 2017; Chancellor Merkel making an agreement with Saudi Arabia to train Saudi soldiers in Germany; that military spending in Western and Central Europe has increased by about 2.5% due to fears of Russia; Cambodia's removal of a US Navy unit in the country which is presented by PCG as a move to be more closely aligned with China; a claim that Russia is building some sort of spying facility in Nicaragua; and scare mongering that the United States' agricultural output is declining and now falls behind Russia and Brazil.

SocietyWatch mentions a Gallup poll indicating Americans are most worried about race relations since the poll started in 2001; that the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has reported that religious freedom is on the decline in the world; and condemnation of an attempt to be friendly towards transgender students in Britain.

There are letters. Here's one from Sarasota, Florida who sent a copy of the recruitment magazine to another person.
Your magazine and e-mail briefs are incredible and extremely timely. I’m totally thrilled to know where our world is in prophecy, and you are great researchers and providers. You sent me two magazines this month and I gave one to another Christian and she was surprised. She asked me where I got it and I told her. The first few pages of what’s happening today compared to prophecy are extremely enlightening—along with matching Bible verses.
Here's another one from Florida who thinks this publication of fear inducing false prophecies is "one of the most valuable publications in this whole wide world."
I think the Trumpet is one of the most valuable publications in this whole wide world. What we learn from this is fantastic. I just wish more people would read it. I appreciate these materials more than I can say.
Here's a letter from a person who liked HWA's recruitment magazine, The Plain Truth.
Please subscribe me to the Philadelphia Trumpet magazine, one of the two best real newsmagazines in world history; the other one being the Plain Truth.
And so we see that PCG's 1% has produced yet another issue of their recruitment magazine seeking to gain new recruits and to keep their followers overawed towards PCG's 1% by thinking that they can see the future. They cannot. since its founding in 1989 PCG has made at least 52 failed predictions. Getting a British columnist to talk at their headquarters cannot change that fact. Clearly PCG's leaders are but false prophets. There is no need to fear their dire proclamations. PCG's leaders are but false prophets.


  1. A significant number of Trumpet "writers" are PCG college students.

    These "writers" are conditioned to write from PCG's worldview of decline of modern Israel (US/UK),King of the North (Germany), King of the South (Iran) or Kings of the East (Russia/China).

    Added to that the almost mindless quoting of Gerald Flurry and you have a recipe for what I term cookie-cutter pessimism.

    Most of these "writers" would struggle to produce content to normal commercial editorial standards

  2. PCG'S online version of their magazine would have to be the most depressing website on the planet.

    Just article after article saying essentially the same thing.

    No wonder their membership and subscriber base in dying.