Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mark Armstrong Vilifies "Liberal Socialist Self-Righteousness" After Manchester Terrorist Attack

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, had released yet another one of his weekly updates. There is not much time to see this particular weekly update at the moment (May 26, 2017).

Those who are innocent of a crime are innocent of the crime. Those who are guilty of a crime are guilty of that crime. It is not right to punish innocent people for crimes committed by others. This important fact seems to have escaped Mark Armstrong's attention in regards to Muslims as may be seen below.

On May 22, 2017 twenty-two innocent people were murdered in Manchester Arena in a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber sympathetic to ISIL. After this weekly update's release three extremists murdered eight innocent people in London. The people of Britain need and deserve to have wise leadership in this time of crisis. Unfortunately such help will not be forthcoming from Mark Armstrong in his May 26, 2017 weekly update.

Here Mark Armstrong criticized the police as having "no intention of doing what is necessary to prevent the next" terrorist attack.
It was absolutely disgusting to hear the Manchester chief constable and police spokesman come out to plead that authorities were doing "all we can" to help the victims and their families in the face of the tragedy. NO, THEY'RE NOT!  They didn't do what was necessary to prevent the slaughter in the first place, and they have no intention of doing what is necessary to prevent the next one, which surely will occur.  "We now have a team of specially-trained family liaison officers who are supporting families."  Oh, goody.  Too bad there weren't specially-trained officers following the movements and communications of the Muslim terrorists, who, as it turns out should have been easy to identify and remove from the presence of the unarmed population.  
What could Mark Armstrong be thinking of when he talks of "what is necessary"?


Even though Manchester had just endured this terrible attack in which twenty-two people had been killed Mark Armstrong vilifies the "politically-correct," makes the ridiculous accusation that Muslims in Britain are indoctrinated with extremist views and vilifies refugees as terrorists.
Then the politically-correct constable had the audacity to say that it is "vital that our diverse communities in Greater Manchester stand together and do not tolerate hate."  What's it got to do with hatred?  Manchester's, and every place else's Muslim "communities" have been spoon-fed anti-westerner, anti-Jewish hatred from earliest childhood.  It's not a mysterious proclivity unique to the so-called "self-radicalized," it's a staple of their religion and culture.  And now, through the miracle of the UN High Commissioner for Refugee resettlement, Britain is teeming with vast numbers of "refugees" and their children who yearn for the immortality of "martyrdom" in the commission of mass murder in the name of their god.  

He stirs up resentment against the politically correct. Trying to assure people that the matter is being addressed by the authorities and advice to not lash out in violence in response is presented as being patronizing toward the families and friends of the victims. In this moment of crisis Mark Armstrong condemns what he calls "liberal socialist self-righteousness" among the British.
The grief of the families and those who know them must be unimaginable.  But they mustn't blame the "community" where the plot was hatched and hidden, or the panty-waisted politicians who've overseen the influx of hateful third-world strangers into their city.  It's too late for the little eight-year-old girl, whose photo you've seen, and the fifteen-year-old and the twenty-odd others killed by flying nails and bolts.  But it's not too late for hundreds and thousands of others who surely will fall victim to the followers of the "extremist" Muslim death cult.  Except once-Great Britain is doubling down on its liberal socialist self-righteousness, patting itself on the back for its diversity even as they mourn the senseless deaths of those children and young people.

Mark Armstrong then mentions other terrorist attacks. There is no attempt to present or understand the context of those acts of violence as situations related to those particular nations. For instance the attack in Egypt which he mentions is part of this dreadful armed insurgency against the government by extremists affiliated with ISIL based in the Sinai Peninsula which has been ongoing since 2011. These separate events are simplistically presented as being connected together.

It is here Mark Armstrong seems to suggest what he thinks "what is necessary."
Since the Manchester attack, terrorists (masked gunmen) shot up a bus-load of Coptic Christians on their way to visit a monastery in Egypt, and other terrorist attacks have taken place in Indonesia and the Philippines, all attributable to the same ideology.  The U. S. chief of Homeland Security says we'd never leave the house if we knew the full extent of the terror threat, even here in the United States.  But expelling the would-be terrorists is not an option.  Judges simply will not allow it nor will they stand by and allow potential terrorists to be denied entry to the United States.  That would be racial or religious discrimination!
Laws are complicated. That's why we have lawyers. In certain circumstances authorities can expel people deemed a threat or even people simply unwanted or who failed to fill out the proper paperwork. In other cases this is not legally possible. Also it is hard to detect criminal activity of this sort especially if just one person plans to do such a thing. 

Furthermore it is not legally possible to discriminate against everyone who just happens to be Muslim. Religious discrimination is illegal. Mark Armstrong should be happy that such a thing is illegal since if it were not then someone with governmental authority might decide to discriminate against the Intercontinental Church of God.


Mark Armstrong viciously demonizes the (alleged) politically correct as being like those who practice human sacrifice. He also implies that they expect the British people to be "smug in their open-minded acceptance of the "new normal" of periodic suicide bombings, beheadings, stabbings and vehicular terrorism." He also makes the inflammatory and false accusation that those who commit acts of violence are somehow carrying out "the instructions of their prophet." This is a terrible false equivalence which unfairly slurs all Muslims with ISIL like extremists.
So, we're supposed to be willing to sacrifice our baby girls to the evil religion of "tolerance" of those who espouse terrorist ideology in their mosques and at some moment in time might well snap and carry out the instructions of their prophet.  The British are expected to attend scores of funerals and memorial gatherings and then return to shopping and the pursuit of entertainment, smug in their open-minded acceptance of the "new normal" of periodic suicide bombings, beheadings, stabbings and vehicular terrorism.  In essence, the authorities are saying, "Get over it, we're doing all we can...or all we're going to do within the boundaries we've created for ourselves."
It is just astonishing seeing the bitterness and hostility that lies in his heart. How can the members of ICG accept this sort of behavior from their leader?


Mark Armstrong then talks about President Trump's visit to Europe, his speech berating NATO allies for not spending enough on their own military forces and discussion about the Paris Accords regarding climate change which President Trump would later reject. He then states the following.
Whether man has anything to do with "global warming," if in fact that's what's going on, will be argued for the rest of our lives.  But Islamic terrorism is a FACT with mutilated bodies as proof.  The list of attacks worldwide just since the start of this year would consume page after page.  But unless we "care" more passionately about the plight of "refugees" and "climate change" we're simply not educated or compassionate.  That's the DOCTRINE of the mainstream media, and of the political elite from London to Brussels to Paris.
Mark Armstrong implies that climate change is not real even though the vast majority of scientists are persuaded that human being are causing climate changes due to the excess emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.

Mark Armstrong also incites resentment towards those who call for the fair treatment of refugees and for addressing the climate change crisis. He presents such persons as having a patronizing attitude to his audience. That is one reason why ICG's members accept Mark Armstrong's behavior. Assuming they take Mark Armstrong at his word it seems that at least some of them think they are 'resisting' assorted elites who happen to view matters differently from them.


Mark Armstrong ends his weekly update with expressions of exasperation that the various terrorist attacks by ISIL sympathizers and like minded extremists have not turned societies in Europe and the United States into being as hostile towards Muslims as himself. Maybe they are simply stronger and smarter than Mark Armstrong could hope to be.
At some point, it will break down.  Bible prophecy shows that a conglomeration of nations ultimately will unite in Europe and take it to the Muslim world in a war that will spread to threaten the existence of all human life on Earth.  With Europe's present leadership demanding that the ruination of Continental culture is an acceptable price for their version of empathy, it's hard to imagine what it will take to turn the tide.  Airports, streets and concert venues littered with mutilated bodies obviously is not enough, just as the attacks and murders here in the United States have been insufficient to wipe the smug smirks off the faces of America's most prominent news anchors.

September 11th wasn't enough, nor were the Charlie Hebdo murders, nor the Brussels airport attack, nor London, Berlin, Nice, the Bataclan theater in Paris, Westminster Bridge or Manchester brutal enough to alter the narrative.  It's hard to imagine what event will finally change the thinking of the masses, assuming democracy survives.  The murder of little girls in Manchester, rubbed in the face of the western world by ISIS, clearly wasn't nearly enough to pry stubbornly self-righteous socialists from their "progressive" doctrine.  
Based on my reading of previous weekly updates by Mark Armstrong his claim that "Europe's present leadership [is] demanding ... the ruination of Continental Europe" seems to be a reference to the arrival of refugees, many of them fleeing the cataclysmic war in Syria.


It is safe to say that Mark Armstrong's words in this weekly update will not help the people of Britain in this time of crisis. Ignorantly comparing criminal actions to religious observance is wrong. Comparing "liberal socialist self-righteousness" as being like human sacrifice is disgusting. No good can come from his Islamophobia and his loathing of those who view matters differently from himself.


  1. An ice mass in Antarctica called "Larsen C" is about to calve an iceberg the size of Delaware. The crack from the main mass has about 8 miles to go before the split is complete. That could require hours or days at this point.

    One of the reasons this is so significant is that in their desperation to remain climate change deniers, some folks have maintained that the total ice mass in Antactica was growing even as the ice in the Arctic region is contracting. As it happens, the ice in both Polar regions has been negatively impacted by the warming of Planet Earth.

    One wonders how long it will be possible to deny climate change from the very measurable carbon-based greenhouse gasses generated by man burning fossil fuels. And, it's not only destruction of ice. Coral reefs are bleaching and dying, taking along with them vast schools of fish which create employment and provide food particularly for island nations.

    Mark needs to speak up for the environment as his father did. That would be an excellent family tradition!


  2. Bob,

    The magnetic poles are shifting. It is a natural event.

  3. I've also read the theory that they are reversing in polarity, + to -, - to +. But, polarity shifts, or diagonal shifts of the earth's axis do not thin out or blow holes in the protective ozone layer surrounding the earth. Greenhouse gasses do that.

    We know that these greenhouse gasses are scientifically measurable, and that the ozone layer has measurably thinned during our lifetime. My problem with some politicians is that they believe humans can prepare for a natural event such as a hurricane, making it less bad, but fight tooth and nail over the human portion of the greenhouse gasses that we actually could control, making climate change less bad. Actually, they've spent so much time debating and obfuscating that we are probably beyond the point of no return already. It seems perfectly obvious, however, that this is a problem much more likely to affect our lives, and those of our children than is the ever-postponed Armstrong prophecy mold. And that is the only reason I comment about it here.