Saturday, June 3, 2017

Why is PCG's Leadership Worried for President Trump?

Listening to recent broadcasts from PCG's radio station, KPCG, it seems clear that PCG's leadership is not at all happy about the controversy regarding the ongoing Trump-Russia situation. They have brought up other issues to their audience to insist that it just a biased, partisan attack by the left.

But if they believe what they teach then why are they worried about it? Do they not trust their God to protect them? They insist the United States will soon be destroyed by Germans. If they really believe that nonsense then being worried about allegations concerning Trump seem to be a terribly trivial matter compared to Germans conquering America. (By the way, that will not happen.)

And besides even if President Trump should happen to be kicked out of office over this matter the PCG leadership can still look forward to a Pence presidency. If such a thing were to happen it is safe to assume that the PCG leadership would welcome such a thing. So why should they worry?

Oh well. Might as well enjoy hearing the PCG leadership squirm over this matter.

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