Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mark Armstrong on G7 Summit

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released yet another weekly update (June 8, 2018). Let us see what he has to say this time.

This time Mark Armstrong decides to exult in his preferred president's strength by defying the other nations of the G7. He slams French President Macron as an insincere flatterer.
Greetings from Tyler,    
It looks like all the traded compliments amid the pomp and circumstance of the formal State visit accorded French President Macron were less than sincere.  Macron staked his claim to the resuscitation of the Paris Climate Accords, from which President Trump had already withdrawn on behalf of the United States.  Macron pretended his statements of historic friendship and unbreakable alliance might be enough to soften up the Trump administration and convince the President to spare Europe the embarrassment of their little sham (to have been financed by the American taxpayer) going up in smoke.
Mark Armstrong insists that widespread concerns about climate change are a plot to get American tax payers to pay money to other nations.
As you all know, it didn't work.  The French president and his wife returned home, having been honored and treated royally, but without the capitulation they hoped could be achieved.  Neither President Trump nor his supporters are the least bit interested in any plans to redistribute American wealth around the world under the pretense of changing the course of the world's climate or paying reparations to nations that have failed for reasons having nothing to do with the United States or climate.
He praises his preferred president for not getting along with fellow NAFTA partners.
Today members of the G-7 are meeting in Quebec, Canada.  The subject of trade imbalances favoring every partner, but the United States was a key focus of the Trump campaign.  He's let the whole world, including Mexico and Canada, know that the days of taking advantage of unfair trade relations were over.  If it meant scrapping NAFTA over a lack of willingness to negotiate on the part of contiguous countries, oh well…
He states that his preferred president wishes to renegotiate everything.
President Trump has threatened tariffs on trade partners who refuse to revise trade policies that freeze out American companies and farmers.  You've heard it on the news, everything from aluminum and steel to dairy products to cars are on the President's agenda.  You've also heard the wailing and caterwauling here at home about Trump not respecting “free trade,” from all sides of the aisle.  How dare this president treat our allies like this, showing a willingness to pull the rug out from under lucrative arrangements with long-term allies?
He states that President Macron and Prime Minister Trudeau have threatened to economically isoate the United States.
Both Macron and Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau issued a joint statement where they “lashed out” at the president, declaring his intentions to tax their exports of aluminum and steel “an illegal economic assault on their countries.”  They threaten to isolate the United States and enter into a six-nation agreement, apparently trading among themselves and leaving the American market.  That's a bluff that will probably be called.
Mark Armstrong insists a mutually beneficial deal is possible. Then he seems to dismiss the French and Canadian governments, and possibly the other nations of the G7, as "smaller players" compared with his own nation state.
Maybe they haven't noticed, but tough talk and aggressive positioning are essential to this President's strategy of negotiating.  Chances are some compromise, benefiting all involved can be reached.  But maybe not if the smaller players decide to get huffy.
He mocks the European Union as having pretty much collapsed in his view.
President Trump must be really nervous and frightened now that Angela Merkel is quoted calling for a “new world order,” led by Europe and underpinned by the so-called “values” invoked by Macron and Trudeau.  There's only one problem.  Well, actually several problems.  Europe has all but destroyed its central government experiment (known as the EU) with refugees and ill-advised lending.  Merkel is calling upon all of Europe to speak with “one voice,” But that's not about to happen.  Many of the Eastern partners, now to include Italy, have seen all they need to see in terms of the mass importation of refugees, dictated by Germany and the EU.  They've also had their fill of “austerity.” All the talk of diversity lending to strength rings hollow to the point that Europe is incapable of “speaking with one voice,” no matter how many times Frau Merkel mouths the words.
He praises his preferred president's statement calling for Russia to participate in the summit and seems to portray it that statement as being made just to annoy his supposed opponents in the media. 
Then, just today we heard that President Trump intends to stay in Quebec only for the trade sessions and economic discussions.  He's off to Singapore for the summit no one could have predicted only a matter of weeks ago, to try to talk North Korea back from the precipice of real war.  It seems he won't be staying for additional sessions on gender identity and global warming.  Then, as if to light a fire in the hair of news anchors most everywhere, he suggested that Russia should be a part of the economic summit.  Oh boy, that almost proves the accusation of Russian Collusion, doesn't it?  You can watch heads explode tonight if you have the stomach for a lot of manufactured outrage.  Putin may or may not even want to participate in the annual Summit, but Trump's purpose has been served.
He seems to condemn Trudeau, Macron and Merkel for not immediately agreeing with what Mark Armstrong's preferred president should happen to say in regards to trade issues.
Trade is going to happen, whether directly through allies with agreements, or through third parties on the world market.  Trudeau, Macron and Merkel and all the rest can lament that the post WWII order is being disrupted, and maybe it is.  If they wish to be defiant, let them reap the rewards of their warped, politically correct “values.”  Our economy is on fire (in a good way), and they're trying to figure out how to save theirs.  God bless and preserve America.  May the rest of the world get a clue.   
It seems as though seeing his preferred president get into disagreements with fellow G7 nations has made Mark Armstrong quite happy. But whatever happens at the G7 or afterward nothing will change the fact that the founder of what is sometimes called Armstrongism, Herbert Armstrong, made many inaccurate predictions which prove that he was never sent by God to predict the future. Herbert Armstrong was merely a false prophet and so are his imitators. There is no need to fear their predictions of doom and gloom or to send such persons any money.


  1. Mark Armstrong has NO clue what his grandfathers work was all about as a drop out of that work.

    The power of the United States rests solely on the trust that the far larger body of allies has in its (moral) leadership.

    HWA worked his pants of to enlarge the body of "believers" in the united states, its moral leadership and "the unseen hand" of america's power through free trade.

    The last 2 crises in 2000 and 2008 have showed the world that the US leadership is failing and completely squandered. The US has lied and abused the trust of its allies in political matters and largely built an economy on moral failings exemplified by the 2008 crisis.

    HWA warned about those moral failings leading to economic failing at a luncheon with the greek elites. Since his buddies at the chigaco chamber of commerce had taught him that lesson preceding the 1929 crisis.

    Most western nations have since 2008 repatriated their gold reserves from the USA as a sign of what they think of the United States moral compass.

    The moment more trust breaks down the west will stop paying for the US deficit and the US will be reduced to be one nation among many instead of its leader.

    The US is granted immense priviliges by the rest of the world through the granting of the US dollar as reserve currency. All these blessings can be taken away in a moment.


  2. For Mark, the EU is falling apart, for Bob Thiel, they're going to pounce (in 3-5 years or whatever). Is Armstrongism divided? (A rhetorical question).

  3. Mark has alligned himself with American conservative redneck philosophy. Therefore has no concept of what the underlying international powerstructure is on which America's power relies. He has no concept of the US dollar as an international reserve currency. Who pays American debt and why the USA is allowed to do what they do. In short Mark Armstrong believes in pre Armstrongist 1900 isolationism instead of the global empire his grandfather saw arising through international cooperation.


  4. Why is Mark cheering on the president and hoping for a renewal of American supremacy? Aren’t Armstrongites supposed to be yearning for the tribulation, and the return of Jesus Christ? Mark seems to think that Donald Trump is reconstructing America, reversing all of the trends that the other ACOGs gleefully point to as signs of the endtimes. It causes one to wonder what is going on.

    Maybe he’s more savy than we give him credit for, and knows that his grandfather’s “hook” was all a scam.


  5. Ah yes. I don't know if he is a pundit or writes religious stuff. In any case what is published here does not reflect a sophisticated level of understanding on the underpinnings of, the international system, political economy, international trade, systemic capital flow and the temporary choice for the dollar as reserve currency. A bit akin to George Bush jr whose presidency saw the the US image and leadership role destroyed. Setting in motion a reaction that brought a figure like Obama about who seemed to be set on transitioning the fabric of american society, prompting a defensive reaction from the underbelly. Of course Obama inherited Clinton's legacy whose (Greenspans - Ayn Rand inspired ) policies on liberalizing banks brought the world system just hours from destruction and implosion.

    mark completely missed how most countries in the past 5 years shipped home all their gold reserves from the NY vaults as a sign of major distrust. Leadership is given to the USA and can be taken away if another powerful nation takes the lead in the agenda of the other 80%. It's not that I hope or expect it to happen soon but the more I see pundits take US power for granted as a right the sooner I expect it to happen.

    I mean WWII was a war for markets (and that freedom thing). Not a war to satisfy nationalistic type pundits.