Tuesday, June 5, 2018

PCG's Joel Hilliker Implies Attempted Turkish Military Coup was an Inside Job

Back in July 2016 certain elements of the Turkish military tried launch a military coup to overthrow the government led by President Erdoğan. Such an act often risks setting off violence on a mass scale and indeed, in this attempt coup, violence did erupt in the course of trying to accomplish the coup. However the coup did not succeed and by the time the fighting ended over 300 people had been killed in this tragic conflict.

Recently PCG has published an article by Joel Hilliker discussing recent events in Turkey. PCG's Joel Hilliker implies the entire military conflict was an elaborate inside job either allowed to occur or orchestrated by President Erdoğan.
The next summer was when the blood started flowing. On July 15, 2016, a faction within the Turkish armed forces attempted to seize several key sites in the capital and elsewhere. Turks highly respect their military, and since 1960, military leaders have overthrown four duly elected governments for being too religious, in order to protect Turkey’s status as a secular country. For a moment, it looked like time might finally be up for Erdoğan’s regime. But within hours, the effort collapsed. Forces loyal to the president violently repelled the anti-regime soldiers. In the conflict, more than 2,100 people were injured and more than 300 were killed. ... 
President Erdoğan’s first public statement about the coup was telling: He called it “a gift from God.” And that is how he treated it: Seizing the opportunity to eliminate the last remaining opposition to his rule, he had people arrested and fired by the tens of thousands. Critics have compared it to the Reichstag fire that Adolf Hitler used as a pretense to purge his enemies and crush civil liberties within Germany. The results in Turkey were so beneficial for Erdoğan that many believe he may have allowed or even staged the coup himselfWhether or not that is true, Erdoğan certainly emerged as a far stronger strongman. (Source.)
Even though Hilliker insists that "many believe" this allegation he fails to note even one person who says so.

Also PCG teaches elsewhere that Turks are fated to destroyed by PCG's God.


  1. COG interest in Turkey may have some tie with HWA falsely identifying the Turkish people as descendants of Esau. I remember once when a Turkish colleague treated me to a bowl of lentils, and I thought, oh the irony...
    HWA also made a false prophecy regarding Britain and Turkey in WW II. However, one could say that the prophecy was at least partly correct, only the wrong war - WW I.

  2. Aurence, Aurence....Yes, the Ottoman empire, great rival of the Anglo Saxon empire.

    Then there was Sykes en Picot cutting it all up creating "the middle east", hence US interest as successor to the French and British empire.

    And HWA as (one of) the "Mercuries" of his day.....Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, the one sent forth, the Lord of Trade. Exactly in sync with US foreign policy goals......Oh yes and during the Cold War of course the absolute need to portray NATO partner Turkey as a brother, even if it had been a century old adversary standing at the gates of Vienna, HWA propagandized it during the Cold War as Esau and Jacob. Common HWA was chief propagandist for the CIA with 3 million copies of the propaganda magazine read by many foreign policy specialists at the UN.


    1. The only problem, nck, is that you are the only one who knows about HWA’s “real” identity and role.


    2. BB

      That's right. Even HWA didn't know it. I refer to the Painful Truth article on the destroying of documents. HWA explicitly ordered to cooperate with the receiver since he felt he had nothing to hide. While the person destroying the documents who had been at his side and never left more than a yard between them had a fit after hearing that.

      I have often related the story of that turkish person who shot John Paul II. He thought he was on a personal mission doing the best he could according to what he thought. He NEVER had a clue the KGB was steering all his actions through the Bulgarian secret service operating from their embassy in Bratislava? I believe.

      Things are not what they seem.

      Just keep it simple BB. If you had been a lowly policy advisor. Wouldnt you have noticed a 3 million copy mass publication magazine, with access over the radio to all americans, read by people in high places also, published by a person with access to ALL heads of state in the World. Please, just imagine that in a time without internet and sending a telex or setting up a phone call through diplomatic channels to Egypt would take half an hour.

      And this guy was having all these diplomats from allied countries for dinner and speak about the SURE POSSIBILLITY of the USA USING their nuclear capability if called upon.

      Even without your imagination a kid can do the math for such lowly policy advisor that this is an asset to behold to relay "coded messages."

      I mean at present there are 20 people interpreting EVERY fart that comes out of Kim Jung Un mouth and behind.

      Now try and remember the Cold War with the entire world at edge, choosing sides. THE VERY BACKBONE AND POWER OF THE USA was based in the belief that the nuclear capabilities WOULD BE USED.

      This was the EXACT and VERY message of HWA at every luncheon with hundreds of diplomats.

      And now I am the only one who knows about it, so funny.


  3. I noticed those magazines because I and my crew addressed, sorted, tied, bagged, and mailed them every month for about 7 years, nck. But they were never any more special than Christian Science Monitor or the Watchtower. There were probably dozens of religious magazines, and there were evangelists who were much better known to the international movers and shakers, like Billy Graham who always made it known that he represented Jesus Christ, unashamed of that. If anything, the Feds were probably more concerned with Scientology.

    Had we been living in the #metoo era when HWA was at his peak, he would have quickly gone down in flames as his deepest and darkest secrets were made known, and the public held him in infamy, a sort of a religious Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey.

    I also believe that around the time of the three R’s (Ramona, Rader, and Receivership) senility was beginning to creep up on the old man, and he was being “handled” by those closest to him because he really was only partially cognizant of what he and others were doing. I mean that was the time frame during which he was supposedly mentoring Dave Pack? Who could speak regularly with Dave without at least getting a faint hint that something might be terribly wrong?

    Far from the alternative reality you have created for HWA, he was in reality a low grade con man who fed off the bottom (his “dumb sheep”), a groupie who postured as if he were equal to the people who permitted him photo ops.


  4. All you said is filtered through your lense of seeing HWA as a religious authority.

    NO ONE at the State Department or the United Nations is and was interested in what those religious figures have and had to say. (Except during the Carter years when it was official policy to send religious leaders to foreign leaders through Carter's 'moral foreign policy programs.")

    It is your belief not supported by the facts that is easy to just call and get a photo opp with a leader of government without a CIA debriefing.

    Again, you are a believer.

    You are not trained to read the PT 1966 or or 1972 issues through the lense of foreign policy specialists interpreting every fart from leaders in the South Pacific killing millions of communists by instigation of the CIA speaking THEIR MIND to HWA and then indeed having that PHOTO OPP in a magazine bolstering their image in a 3 million circulation magazine and tv program targeted at conservative American markets.

    Please stop believing and claiming HWA was some sort of religious figure.


  5. BB. I recently saw an article by young Rod Meredith and Dicky Armstrong reporting from the dictatorship of Franco's Spain.

    Do you actually have a feel how valuable such information is from "feet on the ground" to intelligence services who are focussing their limited resources on figures like Castro or South America according to existing policy doctrine.

    Entire departments are dressed up just to "feel" what populations are thinking. You cannot just survey people in a dictatorship.

    Luckily we have facebook nowadays and good relations with google, so there is no need for "feet on the ground" anymore. People are sharing what "they feel" freely with american companies now.


  6. BB

    Did you read the stupid Painful Truth site's article a year ago where they are trying to debunk and make fun of HWA regarding his "prophecies" on Hitler and the Soviet invasion.

    In trying to make fun of HWA they released material in which is stated that 2 years before the fact HWA had detailed maps on his desk of a German invasion through Ukraine.

    It is all so difficult to see, I realize, when you are filtering through broken glasses of religious shattered illusions. But fairly easy if one puts on a different set of glasses and filter the reli talk out of it.

    And the other article making fun of HWA claiming Hiter might be alive while just last month it was revealed that the CIA was seriously investigating if Hitler was alive until 2 years after HWA wrote his article. It is all so easy to make fun of HWA while in reality people did not grasp the reality of even the most ridiculous claims HWA did.

    Or the very first PT claiming Japanese attack on American soil 8 years before the fact.


  7. Don't you remember that HWA NEVER said that his purpose was to "bring people to jesus".

    So why are you so occupied by the people who do. HWA claimed to "a message out". And by God he did. You can see the eyes rolling at the footage of the greek and egyptian elites when HWA claims that NUCLEAR war is coming. This is the exact message the State Department needed to imprint the elites of the world with or they might slack and give in to communists preying on the new nations who broke free from the collapsing colonizing empires of the day and had yet not made their choice for "free market capitalism" (the unseen hand) as supported by the US led world order.


  8. Nck, all I know is that it was the religion that HWA brought into my life that took away my family, caused the PTSD, depression and paranoia, and sent me into atheism for thirty years. If we had thought the man was merely a CIA schill or international geopolitical wanker, he would have immediately been dismissed before having the opportunity to inflict any damage.

    What I’m saying is that how you or he characterize or describe his function, he did his damage to us either being or posing as a minister preaching (half of) the gospel of Jesus Christ. I could care less about his later hobbies or second, pseudo-career.


  9. Yes. that is terrible.
    I'll try put less BB's as starters in my postings. As if I'm debating you specifically.

    Mine are merely Aristotelian conversations. It's just that you are prolific writer and quite sane. I never debate "crazy adolphs". Other sane nice people like Hoss or RSK only speak in short Haikus.

    I learned many lessons and insights from hwa that benefitted me for life. For instance how people can be sincerely wrong......... I am trying to figure out where specifically he impacted me negatively. Perhaps the family as you say. But I m not sure about the chicken and the egg. Who caused what.

    For me it is confusing. As a kid I remember being intrigued by monte wolvertons art. But now at airport bookshops when I see the book celebrating popart I still smile but recognize others injury.

    As I said earlier I have always been surounded by men in uniform. Nuclear, bio chemical warfare to me was not distressing but a daily reality for which we were "prepared."

    The SEP site I attended most times had markers for the jets doing daily flypasts on their way intercepting russian mig checking out the backbone of our defense. So HWAs "scaremongering" to me was a comforting thought on american resolve. Etc etc yadda yadda.


  10. Daily existence in a WCG family, or as an adult in the church were the scariest things for me. If a nuke or biochemical device hit, it would have provided relief, so none of that scared me. Being tortuted by the Germans would have only hurt a little bit more than being a teenager living under the church’s general childrearing practices.

    What amazes me was that, although I had never heard of Basil Wolverton before “The Bible Story”, his work in the ‘40s was so influential that many of the underground beatnick and hippie cartoonists of the ‘60s and ‘70s copied his style. If you look at the hotrod cartoons drawn by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, or Keep on Truckin’ (R. Crumb), you immediately think of Basil Wolverton. His son Monte was a friend of mine while we were students at AC, and I got to meet his parents.


  11. Oh yes I keep mixing up Basil and Monte. As a kid I especially enjoyed the illustrations for the spokesmans club manual. "beam in the eye" and Eve's well shaped shoulders. And all these people running around with their boiles, not so bad as the reports I got from the Iry Waddi or Biafra at the time.

    You have related the application of child rearing practices in your families household.

    Personally I cannot remember hearing anything about the Germans as you have experienced, besides the war experiences of our local elders.

    I can think of three reasons. a) so traumatic it is erased from my mind (which it is not since I am not traumatized) 2) I believe in my neck of the woods "Germans" was translated into "United European". Just like the song "America America" was translated into "Oh Israel oh Israel" etc etc 3) The prospect of invading Germans was just not on the agenda with 4000 Soviet tanks at our doorstep which we were to receive with warmest regards.

    Somehow this "German" thing got blurred away in the realities of the Cold War after Salt I and II. Like yeah whatever....germans. I imagine that would have been different for a suburbian kid in the USA protected by Charlies Angels and deliberately molested by his parents in said thought pattern.

    A shame you never got to go to the Feastsite behind the Iron Curtain or a German one. It would have been quite cathartic AT THE TIME to have experienced German members. Quite unlike the 1945 ones, I experienced german members as very nice, cordial and liberal.

    The last time I heard something about the Germans was at camp when South African ministers sermoned about a coming connection between South Africa and the German juggernauth and the downfall of the nation after the release of Nelson Mandela. I well remember that the general mood among the 13 - 18 one year olds was that all the minister had said was terrible bull shit and completely out of sync with the times. This for me was one of the defining moments for me that I realized that the early Tkach changes and the general change in society and the demands of the younger generation had set WCG on an inevitable course of decline.


  12. We had Germans at Ambassador College. I never did think of them as any different from the rest of the Pharisees in the student body, and certainly not liberal. They were what I'd describe as an acquired taste. You had to make some allowances to get along with them.

    I do tend to have globalist attitudes, because I really feel that with the burgeoning world population, and the proliferation of pollution and other problems, most of the world's problems need to be managed globally. Globalism and international commerce are also what has kept us from having World War III, but the hillbillies who elected Trump get spooked by what they call "the new world order". However, I have no desire to travel around the world. My attitude has always been "You already live in the best, so F the rest." Those Indonesians you mention from time to time would all just love to get their hands on some nice designer jeans, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, or Fender guitars. That pretty much says it all.


  13. Indonesians? Well, they have their hands on Nike every day on the production line. In the past it used to be rubber for Goodyear.

    You know I refer to HWA as just that one of the "messengers" of the New World Order. (then I get laughed at and cited scripture) While in reality I am just citing "the Rockefeller papers" adressing global solutions to global problems. You know the Rockefella's, the blokes that donated the UN grounds at NY. The organisation that had special invite for HWA at its anniversary. The same blokes that are now divesting from oil into "green."

    Yes the Indonesians. Its just that it was one of HWA's first missions to meet General Suharto after he killed a million communists in the South East theatre of American Interests. All this while my blonde friend was trying to keep out of the huey and rice paddies of this other South East Asia theatre.

    Did I mention this tiny little Synagogue in Bukhara Central Asia with about 25-30 attendants. Perhaps the most insignificant structure I ever paid my respects.

    It was a follow up to a visit by the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation on the face of the eart. (you know that blonde lady who still can't figure out how she lost the election to that other New Yorker reality show host).

    As a Globalist you would apreciate the connection to that tiny little insignificant structure and the 25 lovely people there, NYC financial center of the world and Airforce bases in the hood pounding other Central Asian nations to dust while encircling Russia.

    Truly again and already another page turned in the script "dictating" where we are heading. I happen to believe WCG also had a page in that 150 page script. Although it was impossible for HWA to see that he was only the postman delivering a message in code. (btw gulfstream is part of that code. I mentioned motorcades Escort waiting for HWA while Tkach's BAC was searched at customs just by the call sign.


  14. Although HWA of course HWA was very clear about him being the postman, I mean isn't that what the word apostle means....postman. That's why I mentioned Mercury, the postman of the Gods. It is no coincidence that Mercury is both a postman AND the messenger of trade (Adam Smith's "invisible (unseen) hand) as my school mates persiflated our economics teacher at the last school reunion.)