Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mark Armstrong on the "Organized Community" and French Firms Leaving Iran

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of Herbert Armstrong, has released yet another update. Let's see what he has to say this time. This latest updates tends to wander around without focusing on any one topic for too long.

He mentions the mass shooting in Annapolis against the Capital Gazette in which five people were murdered. And he ends the paragraph by doing what he seems to do so often in these weekly update, defend his preferred president.
Greetings from Tyler,

It's hard to imagine the kind of evil rage that would lead someone to go to a newspaper office and shoot people in cold blood.  But another mass shooting tops our news, and though many of these heinous attacks are upon targets of opportunity, this one was personal.  Five innocent people lost their lives needlessly, and some want to cast blame on the President and comments he's made about media. 
It is well known that his preferred president has spoken harshly about various journalists and media outlets. It is hard to verify if such comments directly influenced the shooter. Often such comments about President Trump's words about certain media outlets condemn for promoting a hostile atmosphere and possibly inspiring acts of violence among unhinged individuals. Mark Armstrong seems to fail to note that these two topics are actually separate although linked and carelessly assumes these two topics, (1) the motivation of the shooter and (2) President Trump's harsh words against media outlets are actually separate topics but he carelessly assumes the two topics are virtually the same.

He then proceeds to condemn and vilify the left as he so often does.
But the left is doing everything within its power to stoke anger and outrage.  Whether nationwide cable “news” broadcasters or chanting protesters, just look at their faces.  They're not very happy people.  The faces are long on the nightly panels, and you have to wonder where all this anger will lead.  They're out of arguments and seething with hatred.  Triggered, you might say.  And it's going to get worse.
He then discusses the news that his preferred president will soon try to appoint a new judge in the Supreme Court. He labels a judge likely to rule on matters in a right wing leaning manner as a "Constitutionalist." He describes abortion and same sex marriage as "sacred sacraments" for the left which is a bizarre characterization which does not reflect how such people view these matters and also alludes to his anti-Catholic views. Protesters are referred to by Mark Armstrong as the "organized community" which is possibly an allusion to the description of Barack Obama as a community organizer. He also minimizes once again the issue of children being ripped away from parents who happen to be alleged to be undocumented immigrants.
The news of Justice Kennedy's resignation this week has led them to realize that their whole philosophical game plan is in deep trouble.  They figure that if another Constitutionalist is successfully appointed to the Supreme Court, they could find their supreme sacraments outlawed.  Those are of course abortion and “marriage equality,” as they like to call it.  And that means war.  The organized community is doing what it does best, blocking streets and buildings demanding now that the Immigration and Customs agency be abolished today.  Tomorrow?   It's no wonder the protesters are so unhappy.  They have nothing better to do than march with their mouths wide open, throwing their voices to the wind to show how much more virtuous they are than those who will see them on TV or in the newspapers.  They care enough to scream and cry over temporary separations of family members (who may or may not actually be family). 
Mark Armstrong minimizes again the forced separation of children from their parents who happen to be accused of being undocumented immigrants. He insists they are temporary even though there are fears that the situation is worse than that. This separation policy is new and places an additional burden on governmental authorities that tax payers will ultimately have to pay for. Previously children and parents accused of being undocumented immigrants were allowed to stay together. This allowed parents to look after there children and the government would not have to do that itself. But this new policy is causing much distress and puts additional burdens upon tax payers. Already one father has died by suicide because of this policy. There will be more if practices like this are allowed to continue. But Mark Armstrong insists all is well.

Mark Armstrong also calls undocumented immigrants "illegals" even though illegal is a verb, not a noun. One may do something illegal but he or she is not illegal of him or herself. No one is illegal.
American citizens get separated from their children every time there's an arrest, and no one screams in protest.  It happens every day.  If an American citizen put their children through the danger and degradation that the children of illegals have had to endure, authorities would call for Social Services. Before they arrived, where did they sleep?  What plumbed facilities did they use?  When was the last time they took a shower?
Even though most politically motivated violence in the United States is committed by right wing leaning individuals Mark Armstrong scare mongers that protesters will somehow get out of hand. He also scare mongers that someone is organizing them but refuses to say anything here about who such persons would be.
This business of “civil disobedience” could get out of control as it has in the past.  If a decision limiting or outlawing abortion, or discrediting “gay” marriage should come down, what will they do then?  Six hundred were arrested on Capitol Hill yesterday.  They wear arrests like a badge of honor, for having spoken “truth to power.”  Hopefully there are mug shots they can frame and hang on the living room wall, or in their parent's basement, whatever the case.  Funny how those that scream and cry for “the children” of illegal immigrants are the same ones who will “lay their bodies down” to protect a woman's “right to choose.”  It's going to get wild, and it would be interesting to know who's organizing the community.
He mischaracterizes Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission as allowing discrimination against same sex couples even though the Supreme Court actually dismissed the case on a narrow basis and affirmed that discrimination was illegal but still ruled in favor of the bakery because of this other factor.

Also Mark Armstrong gives no acknowledgement or understanding that a major reason why the Democratic Party is so aggrieved by this development that the the Republican led Senate refused to allow President Obama to place another judge on the Supreme Court in 2016. Incidentally one source has stated that no Republican controlled Senate has endorsed a nomination for the Supreme Court by a Democratic Party president since 1894.
Not only did the Supreme Court rule that you don't have to bake a cake for a “gay” wedding, they also ruled that unions can't just extract dues and donate all the money as they see fit, in contravention of the wishes of the worker.  That will prove to be a big deal, and the socialists are seeing red.  They're so upset, they're already protesting the next nomination for the high court, even though no one yet knows who that might be.  They know it won't be a socialist who will vote their agenda, contorting the Constitution in ways that were never foreseen, and fills them with righteous indignation.
Mark Armstrong alleges that the left want America's economy to collapse. Who would want to see their own economic prospects degraded? That sounds like ridiculous hyperbole. He also implies that some sort of evidence exonerating his preferred president is somehow being kept hidden.
They're so mad they hope the economy collapses.  After a year and a half of boring everyone to tears with their breathless Russian Collusion expectations, everything looks to be falling apart.  We saw the smug arrogance of their best hope for bringing down the current presidency on full display during nationally televised hearing this week. Whatever is being concealed must be fatal, because the most powerful law enforcement officials in the land have destroyed their reputations and credibility to buy a week.  Hopefully they're not editing or redacting pertinent passages. 
He then gleefully states his hope that Iran may be weakened with the destruction of the nuclear agreement by his preferred president.
But the world is not standing still, just because we're caught up in the biggest scandal in American history. You might have expected, that with North Korea at least temporarily sidelined that attention might be shifted to Iran.  It's not just that Iran is a theocratic regime and a brutal dictatorship, it routinely sponsors terrorists outside its borders. It has military assets in Iraq and Syria, and finances terrorist organizations in Lebanon and Gaza. They've got a growing economic problem. Their currency has dropped 40% in value since President Trump called off the “deal.”
While discussing the economic impact of his preferred president's violation of the nuclear deal with Iran Mark Armstrong crudely stereotypes the French people as being inclined to cave in while noting that some French firms have decided to stop doing business in Iran.
Our current issue of 21st Century WATCH reveals that valuable contracts with major European corporations might lead Europe to continue doing business with Iran despite U. S. sanctions. But the French have caved (what did you expect). Energy giant Total and automaker Peugeot have decided that continued access to the U. S. market is more valuable than their contracts with Iran and pulled the plug. We'll see what happens with Airbus, which has been supplying all Iran's passenger planes. People are taking to the streets in large numbers, sometimes overwhelming police and calling for regime change. Experts see that as unlikely, but things are liable to come to a head with Iran in the very near future.
And he ends his weekly missive by indulging in vilifying the Pope and the science that say the Earth is undergoing climate change caused by human activity as he so often does.
We wouldn't want to leave the pope out of the discussion. He's convening another global-warming conference in his ongoing campaign to hobble Western society. You may have noticed; global warming alarm is not nearly as prominent as it was a few years ago.  It was never about the climate to begin with.  It was about control and one world governance. That's what the pope wants, it's what the UN wants, it's what the EU wants and it’s what these ugly protesters want desperately. But God gave us freedom and liberty within the law. It's why we're witnessing one emotional meltdown after another. It's just not fair! 

And to think there are people tithing to the organization led by this man.


  1. Mark's use of "illegal" to refer to an undocumented entrant sounds prejudicial, like referring to a defendant as "the guilty".
    On climate change, I don't think Mark has ever used the COG catchphrase "God controls the weather", but at least once he considered changes were caused by natural cycles - perhaps like the discredited theory of biorhythms. He now seems to be accepting it as part of a conspiracy theory involving the Pope - the position Bob Thiel now seems to endorse.

  2. The closest persons to "illegals" people were the irish, anglo "outlaws", hiding in the territories behind "Rocks" like "Robbers Cave."


  3. The people who used to call Latinos who cross the border illegally “wetbacks” now call them “illegals”. It is a term that continues to dehumanize, it is not grammatically correct, and in most cases it eliminates normal presumption of innocence. The more humane terminology has been “undocumented workers” since the mid 1980s.

    Mark never misses an opportunity to polarize, as we observe on every occasion that he releases his opinions of the previous week’s news.

    Republican politics have finally caught up with the traditionally strange viewpoints of the Armstrongs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that he is basking in his newfound fashionability while he can. This, too, will pass, and will be shown not to be any large scale growth opportunity for Armstrongism.


  4. He is writing to his church. Where is Jesus in all this?

    1. I’m assuming, since both men seem to be speaking with one voice, that both Mark and the Donald have the same type and quality of relationship with Jesus. And, yes, that could serve as an explanation, or it could raise many more questions, none of which is good.