Thursday, January 28, 2010

False PCG Prophecy

Here's an excerpt from Ambassador Report concerning a false prophecy propagated by PCG.

Nevertheless, trying to predict the future is always risky business, no matter how well intentioned the prognosticator may be. For example, in the March 1991 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet ex-WCG minister Gerald Flurry wrote that California's five year drought would continue to get worse because it is a curse from God. Quoting passages from the "sacred" writings of HWA, Flurry wrote that God has put the curse on California because in 1979 the state's attorney general brought the famous lawsuit against the WCG. (Frankly, while the sins of California might make such a punishment well deserved, it is difficult to fathom why God would curse the entire state for a lawsuit that was aimed primarily at WCG lawyer-accountant-evangelist Stanley R. Rader.) In the weeks immediately following Flurry's curse-by-drought prophecy, California had weeks of heavy rain. Although the drought is still officially on, a large area of the state (the entire central coast region), which previously had emergency conditions, now reports numerous reservoirs at 100% of capacity (Los Angeles Times, April 4, pp. A1, A3). It seems Flurry's prophetic schedule is a bit off. (Ambassador Report 48, May 1991, editor's response to first letter.)

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  1. Maybe we need an article -- "What Do You Mean: Drought?"

    If you accept the U.S. government's drought monitor web site as the standard, winter rains have reduced the drought in a large area of California.

    I'm personally thankful to God for this -- and wonder (ahem) who repented to bring this about.