Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ramona Martin and the Memory Hole

It is truly astonishing how the human mind is capable of ignoring things it does not want to believe or focus on.

Here's one example of this in the COGs concerning Ramona Martin.

My first encounter with a non-COG description of HWA's WCG mentioned the Three tithes, which some COGs deceptively hide from potential recruits, and also mentioned that HWA was divorced.

None of the COG portrayals of HWA which I encountered while I was a believer in Armstrongism mentioned that HWA was divorced.

Because they did not mention it I actually managed to convince myself that the non-COG page was just making it up that HWA divorced.

Then I read the Autobiography of HWA and indeed it mentioned (in Chapter 81) that indeed HWA did remarry after Loma's death to Ramona Martin in 1977.

It also mentioned how she saved HWA's life when he had a heart attack in 1978.

But there was no mention of a divorce.

In all that I read there I came across no other mention of Ramona Martin at all.

This was not mentioned in LCG's 'Church History' booklet.

PCG never mentioned it. In this 2002 Philadelphia Trumpet article, The Legacy of Herbert Armstrong, no mention is made of the divorce. (The careful reader will also note there is no mention of the failed 1972 prophecy.)

I do not recall ever seeing any mention of her in Bob Theil's website. If you look for her name you will find nothing here and here.

I avoided this thought, even half believing that they must have stayed together, (but there was no mention of her at his death as one would expect if they were still together).

It was not until I read the Ambassador Report that I learned the truth.

HWA indeed did divorce.

It was very messy as the original non-COG webpage described it.

I saw that it was HWA the Apostle himself who applied for the divorce. It says so right here in Time Magazine.

Ramona Martin has been sent down the memory hole and the COGs act as though she never existed.

It should also be noted that HWA dedicated his last book, Mystery of the Ages, to Loma with these words:

I would like to dedicate this book to the memory of 50 happy years, Loma Armstrong.

When I was an Armstrongite believer I thought this was a beautiful expression of HWA's love for his (first) wive.

Now I view it as HWA's final vindictive jab at the wife he divorced, Ramona Martin (nee Crittenden).

It is amazing how the COGs have excised her from their collective memory.


  1. Do you know, out of curiousity, if Ramona Martin is still living?

  2. I do not know what has become of her.

  3. Yeah i was wondering this myself today as I'd love to interview her and get her views and opinions on the events of the 70s and 80s, her messy divorce and especially what she knew about the circumstances over HWA's incest with Dorothy. Did anyone interview the latter about it while she was still living or anyone whom she confided in before she died about this as it would be good to finally end the charade once and for all with conclusive proof that'd shut up those who idolize the man and excuse his behavior, which if true, is inexcusable.

  4. His grandson, Larry Gott (son of Beverly Armstrong Gott) said that the incest did happen and the family knew of it. He said that when David Robinson's "Tangled Web" book came out (circa 1980), Armstrong shrugged off the allegations of incest and said, "My people will never believe it." Gott said that his grandfather was "that smug about it."

  5. This whole thing is ridiculous. Why would it matter if HWA divorced? He never married again. As I recall, Ramona was given a home and a financial settlement. No one ever spoke an evil word against her. Mr Armstrong was not bound to her if what was thought as the whole reason for that marriage was true and who orchestrated it, and the Bible plainly says if fraud is there, the marriage can be dissolved. Quit worrying about others, dead or alive, and get right with God.

    1. Where is that scripture regarding fraud and marriage? I have often wondered. Thanks.

    2. I think she had been married and divorced when he married her.

  6. He was Satan. It's my dream to sh-t on his grave and hope his mouth is open.

  7. He was Satan. It's my dream to sh-t on his grave and hope his mouth is open.