Friday, January 29, 2010

Jehovah's Witnesses and Facebook

PCG and Weinland aren't the only ones scared of Facebook.

The COGs' Adventist cousins, the Jehovah's Witnesses also seem to be moving towards enforcing greater control of members use of Facebook.

There was talk on the CA yesterday strongly warning all true lovers of Jehovah to delete their FB accounts. The talk was solely about FB. The speaker mentioned that JWs are associating with people that would not associate with in real life, often using the excuse that the person is a relative. Many JWs are FB "friends" with persons that are DF'd or that have taken a stand against Jehovah and his organization.

He mentioned that JWs are posting inappropriate pictures of themselves in addition to joining "Watchtower" groups that are not sponored by the organization. He repeated several times that the organization does not have a FB account nor does it have any approved groups on FB. That many of such groups are actually created by apostates with the aim of having one began to doubt their faith. Then he mentioned that all it takes is a crack in your faith and they can take you out of God's organization into Satan's organization. Some use it to get a taste of the world but everything you need to know about the world, good and bad is in the bible, you don't need FB for that.

Then he mentioned how many are involved in serious sins but don't realize it because its all "online". Then he stated very deliberately that Facebook sex is not for true servants of Jehovah. Then went on to explain that in some cases that chatting across FB sex groups were not enough for some and that some had went on to arrange secret rendevous and this was occuring among single, married, young, old and sadly even those in positions of responsibility within the congregation.

Mentioned how some say they are selective about who they approve to be their FB "friends". Speaker said no need to be selective if you simply delete your account. Reminded everyone of the need to get and stay close to Jehovah's organization and that you have all the friends you need in the worldwide brotherhood.

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