Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fred Coulter, 'Zionist Jews' and the 'Synagogue of Satan'

Recently Exit and Support Network has published a letter stating that Fred Coulter's Christian Biblical Church of God has now adopted anti-Semitism.

This is from the January 23 letter in ESN's COG letters:
People need to be aware of Fred Coulter regarding the hatred that he is teaching towards Jews. He says they are evil and of the synagogue of satan.
I honestly hope this is untrue, but...

However he has indeed stated that 'Zionist Jews' are a part of the 'synagogue of Satan'.

I mean, the following sermon except, currently on their website, seems pretty convincing to me that Fred Coulter does teach that 'Zionist Jews' are a part of the 'synagogue of Satan'. This maybe found in the second to last paragraph.
Now you pick any of the names of those who are in the conspiratorial thing of the synagogue of Satan [Earlier in this sermon Coulter defined it as 'those who have ruled this world' and he seems to mean this in terms of a conspiracy theory], which includes: the Zionist Jews, the Roman Catholics, the Masons, the Knights of Columbus, and all of their various agencies and clubs wherever they are, and all of those who are the great leaders, God is going to make them come before us and bow down and worship us and acknowledge that while they were busy running the world, Christ loved us because we love Him. Now that’s something. (Fred Coulter, Love of God #14, Faith and Hope, January 13, 1996. Italics added.)
Oh no. Not another conspiracy theorist who thinks some Jews are controlling the world. Please. Give us a break.

I must say that it honestly sickens me when people bash the Jews and claim that some secret cabal of Jews are trying to take over the world.

There is no such conspiracy. At all.

These conspiracy theories build up a wall of suspicion, fear, anger, hatred, sometimes even extreme hatred that is totally unnecessary and useless. These conspiracy theories cause people to view Jews as though they were an enemy.

These conspiracy theories are used by people to make sense of a complex and often stressful world and seductively, like a siren song, tell us to blame our worries and fears all upon some convenient (and innocent) scapegoat.

These conspiracy theories are used by people to give them a sense of empowerment and fulfil our intellectual vanity as being one of the elite few who are able to see through the distractions and see 'the truth' of the conspiracy when no one else can.

(Somewhat similar to what Herbert W. Armstrong did to us in making us think we were one of the few to know 'the truth.')

These conspiracy theories hinder us from loving Jews as fellow human beings, the way Jesus, who was born a Jew, wants us to love them.

Again it is complete nonsense. The fear and the hostility these conspiracy theories produce are totally unnecessary and unfounded.

In reality most Jews simply want to lead normal productive lives just like us.

Because of that such conspiracy theories must be regarded as total nonsense.

[Update: January 2, 2018: Link corrected.]


  1. I agree. Fred is mostly promoting himself. I once listened to his tapes, thinking he was sincere, but found that he like HWA, just wanted to make a name for himself.

    I was first alerted to this when he interviewed the husband of a woman who obviously was dedicated to Fred, and died of cancer. Her last requests on her death bed was to "Put me on another Fred tape." He flaunted this with this particular sermon/interview of the husband. It made very obvious the hype.

  2. That is a sad and horrifying story. The hair stood on the back of my neck reading that. It's just awful.

    Boasting that a woman's last request was to hear what he had to say even more.

    It is very sad that Coulter would resort to that.

    Sort of reminds me how HWA exploited the near death state of both his son and his wife to extort more money from the eternally abused flock.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. I didn't believe these Jewish conspiracies either, until the day, that I read the Jewish Rabbi in the UK was promoting a "covenant of Europe" and that Rockefeller's name was listed on the inter-faith websites. Then, it occurred to me, those in power whether Jewish or Gentile, are pawns of Satan. Either this is Satan's world or it is God's. And if this is God's world, send me to hell, because it must be better.

  4. Fred Coulter does speak the truth with regard to rev 3;9 this is important TRUTH to every Christian in every century to know the ENEMY. JUDAISM IS COMMUNISM.
    The true Hebrew were never communists, the fake jews of Kharza are and they are the ones who OWN YOUR MONEY and the Federal Reserve. They will bring the WW3 and NWO and they are those who infiltrate the churches with false doctrine - undermine Christianity and ALL OF YOUR FREEDOMS.