Monday, January 11, 2010

The Memory Hole 2

Here's one example of the memory hole being used to swallow up some very hard to hide things that does not involve the COGs.

Certain figures of the American right have stated that there were no terrorist attacks on America under Bush 43.

Dana Perino stated that there was no terrorist attacks under Bush.

9/11 does not count?

Mary Matalin claimed that Bush 'inherited' September 11.

Bush 'inherited' 9/11?

Sherman Patrick wrote that domestic terror in America only occurred under Obama after 9/11.

The Washington Sniper does not count as terrorism?

Rudy Giuliani claimed there were no terrorist incidents under Bush.

These are absurd assertions.

However they do demonstrate the power of the mind to forget inconvenient things.

They demonstrate how some within the American right desperately wishes to forget that 9/11 occurred under Bush's watch.

It reveals how some within the American right wish to blame all failures to curtail terrorism in the USA upon Democratic Party members and escape any accountability for such heavy burdens from themselves.

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