Friday, April 16, 2010

'Go Back To Africa': An Example of Racism in WCG

I was intrigued reading the first few lines of this post from Mr. Felix Taylor:

"You were told that critizing the government of South Africa during the apartheid years (the P.W.Botha years especially) was ”cursing Israel”.

"When at age 13 learning geography class about South Africa’s apatheid system, a man at church said to you, “Segregation is not wrong.” The strange thing that it was a black man who said that to you."

Criticizing South Africa’s apartheid is judged to be cursing Israel? I can believe that of WCG.

Having an African-American say 'segregation is good'? Yes I can see that happening in WCG.

The April 1957 Plain Truth, contained an article by Herman Hoeh discussing race relations between whites and African Americans.

He stated that segregation was good, discrimination was bad.

Segregation (races keeping themselves separate from each other) was taught to be the natural way of humanity.

Discrimination, he said, was caused because the races are already associating with each other too much. And this is back in the 1950s mind you.

Hoeh also stated that the ideal way to solve ‘the race question’ would be to send the African-Americans back to Africa.

“The whole problem would have been solved if the Negroes had been restored to their rightful inheritance in Africa….The Negro should have been returned to his rightful inheritance in Africa, just as Egypt should have returned the enslaved Israelites to Palestine.” (p. 23.)

That is so racist and ignorant of the situation of African Americans. Many of them have no idea where they’re from, they can’t communicate with the people who speak different languages over there, so this is not a good answer.

By the way that ‘answer’ has also been proposed by racists and neo-Nazis.

"[Nick Griffith] thinks American blacks should have been resettled in Africa “because the two peoples living side by side would cause problems forever”." (Nick Griffith, leader of the infamous far right British National Party, interview with The Times, October 22, 2008.)

"I would simply revoke [African Americans'] citizenship and then offer them the alternatives of either returning to Africa with our generous help and assistance in establishing a modern industrial nation, or being relocated on reservations like the Indians were when they became a problem to the survival of the white people." (George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party, interview with Alex Haley, Playboy, April, 1966.)

So this idea is actually racist, I am sorry to say.


  1. Another charming Plain Truth article. Considering that Herb was most likely a KKK member, or at least sympathized with the group, this type of material is suited now days to groups such as the Aryan Nations.

    As a matter of fact, some of the LCG's nasty work (links) has been found on these sites.

    Perhaps David Hoover should start a group such as these. I am sure he could gain a following, except for the fact he is gay...

  2. Considering how powerful the KKK were back in the 1920s it really would not be surprising to me if HWA was involved with them, or at least sympathetic. His views on race would, I believe, have made him somewhat sympathetic to them.

    So some racists have been linking to LCG? You have made very curious about this. I have seen at least one racist citing Hoeh's Compendium, but I know nothing about any racist quoting LCG or any other modern COG.

  3. I was at SEP in Orr MN in 1971. There was a guy in my dorm from Louisiana who was an actual card carrying KKK member. He made no bones about pulling out that card and showing it to people. This guy had to have been around 14. So you know if he had it his parents had it too!